Page 6 - Studio International - December 1965
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die                                   das                            Prestons

                                               schone                                       Art  Gallery
         Kunst  und                            Heim                                         2 DEANSGATE,  BOLTON, LANCS.  Tel.  25476
                                                                                            WINTER  EXHIBITION

                                                                                             ORIGINAL  WORKS  BY
                                                                                             JEAN  MARCHAND    RUSKIN  SPEARE
         A monthly  magazine for painting,  sculpture,  graphic art,  archi­                 CERI  RICHARDS    ALFRED  WALLIS
                                                                         ALSO                MATTHEW  SMITH    CAROL  WEIGHT
         tecture and interior decoration.  A password with art lovers and   a large selection   CHRISTOPHER  WOOD  ·  ETC.
         connoisseurs of home culture throughout the world, for more than   of lithographs   ALL  WORKS  FOR  SALE
                                                                         and  etchings
         60 years.  The art enthusiast is kept up to date about important   SEND FOR LIST    November 5th - January 8th
         exhibitions  and  events,  and  the  collector  encouraged  and
         informed of the art market.  The idea behind the choice of subjects
         that deal with the problems of today's home culture,  is to offer
         worthwhile  and  practical  examples  rather  than  the  usual  ones.
         Annual  subscription  rate  twelve issues  DM  57 .60  plus  postage.   cca
         A single issue DM 5.00.
                                                                             City of Coventry College  of Art

                     A special prospectus and a free sample of our
                     magazine (while stocks  are available)
                                                                             for full-time courses
                     will be sent on request.
                     (Address: 8 Miinchen 20, Abholfach, Germany.)           Fine Art (Painting) Dip AD
                                                                             Graphic Design (Visual Communication) Dip AD
                     BROCKMANN  MUNCHEN
                                                                             College  Diploma Courses
         ROBERSON'S                                                          Advertising Design

                                                                             Exhibition Design
                                 EASEL  BOX                                  Technical Illustration
                                                                             Examination Courses

                                      A new metal box, with sliding          Window Display
                                      wooden palette lid, designed
                                      to aid the artist both when            and Pre-Diploma Courses
                                      painting and travelling.
                                      Easily fitted to any sketching
                                      easel, it forms a rigid tray,
                                      leaving both hands free.               apply to the  Secretary
                                      For carrying,  the straps
                                      attached to the box enable             Cope  Street Coventry lei. 23522
                                      the folded easel to be firmly
                                      held and both are carried
                                      comfortably by the handle.
                                                                                                                     d     oud
                                      Fitted with  12 No. 8 tubes of
                                      colour, 2  o.  14 tubes of      ASH  BARN  �;e�:�:���  ����s���                          ,
                                      White, 4 Hog Brushes,  1  Sable,   until  December  24
                                      double dipper,  Palette Knife,                   CHARLES  McCALL  R.0.1.
                                      Linseed and Turpentine.           plus permanent exhibition of paintings and  sculpture

                                         Price Complete £5.7.6        Open  10-7.30        Tel:  Petersfield 662    Sundays 2-7.30
                                         Price Empty   £2.17.6                     WATERCOLOUR PAPER

         Roberson's artists'  materials are obtainable f,-0111 all good   RWS
                                                                                   Made  to  the  specification  of  the  Royal
         artists' colourmen-or get them direct from:-                              Society  of  Painters  in  Watercolours.
         C. ROBERSON  &  CO.  LTD.                                                 A  handmade  paper  in  Rough,  Not  and  H.P.  surfaces,  and  in
                                                                                   four  weights;  supplied  in  dustproof  packets.  Obtainable
                  Makers of Artists'  colours and materials since  1810   �·&..    from all artists materials  shops.
                                                                                   Write for sample and price list,  Y.RWS
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