Page 16 - Studio International - January 1965
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                                                                                 defined as the most dramatic interpreter of the restless­
                                                                                 ness and anxiety  of  our time  (paying for it himself).
                                                                                  Such is the swiftness of our means of information that.
                                                                                 at this short distance of time. many events of modern art
                                                                                 appear obvious.  But in Italy, towards 1 950. avant-garde
                                                                                 artistic  culture  was  scarcely  diffused.
                                                                                  And it was a great gesture of  Peggy when she made
                                                                                 up  her  mind to  bring  to  Venice  her  collection,  which.
                                                                                 being exhibited at the  Biennale. promoted a remarkable
                                                                                 bringing up to date, acting at a more and more acceler­
                                                                                 ated  rhythm  from  1950  onwards.
                                                                                   In  1945.  at  the  end  of  the  war,  the  names  of  Arp.
                                                                                 Brancusi.  Ernst.  Mondrian,  Klee.  Marcel  Duchamp.
                                                                                 Kandinsky.  to  mention  no  others.  were  known  to
                                                                                 very  few  initiates  in  Italy.  Peggy  made  them  known­
                                                                                 each one by his own most significant works which were
                                                                                 included  in  her  collection-and  thus  suggested  the
                                                                                 subsequent  selections.  made  by  the  directors  of  the
                                                                                  Biennale,  headed  by  Prof.  Pallucchini,  in their purpose
                                                                                 of  presenting  every  second  year  new  chapters  of  a
                                                                                 comprehensive historical survey of modern art.
                                                                                   In  the  course  of  these  last  years  the  Guggenheim
                                                                                 collection.  which  will  be  exhibited  without  exclusions
                                                                                 at the Tate  Gallery. has been enriched by the purchase
                                                                                 of works by  Bacon.  Hartung.  De  Kooning. Alan  Davie.
                                                                                 Kemeny.  Consagra,  Mirko.  Vedova.  Santomaso.  Hun­
                                                                                 dertwasser. etc.  Peggy's interest turned to the younger
                                                                                 too. like Tancredi  (by whose recent  tragic  death  Italian
                                                                                 people were deeply struck) and  Arnaldo  Pomodoro.
                                                                                   But the framework of her collection consists above all.
                                                                                 as  I  already  said.  of  the  major  surrealists  (Matta.
                                                                                 Germaine  Richier.  Ernst.  Miro.  Giacometti.  De  Chirico.
                                                                                 Dali. Tanguy.  Leonor  Fini) and of essential works such
                                                                                 as  Bird  in  space  (1940)  and  Maiastra  (1912)  by
                                                                                 Brancusi, A  crown of breasts  (1945) by  Arp.  The waltz
                                                                                 (1912)  by  Braque,  The  poet  (1911).  Lacerba  (1914),
                                                                                 The  Studio  (1928)  and  La  baignade  (1937)  by
                                                                                 Picasso. Mobile  (1941) by Calder. A  sad  young man in
                                                                                 the train (1911) by Marcel Duchamp. Man-cactus No. 1
                                                                                 by  Gonzales,  Landscape  (1913)  by  Kandinsky.  Magic
                                                                                 garden  (1926) by  Klee. Men in town  (1919) by  Leger.
                                                                                 Construction  developable  surface  (1938-1939)  and
                                                                                 Developable  surface  ( 1 941 )  by  Pevsner.  The  rarest
                                                                                 painting  in  the  world  (1915)  by  Picabia.  Merzbild
                                                                                 relief  (1925) by Schwitters. A  construction of volumes
                                                                                  (1918)  by  Vantongerloo.  Reclining  figure  (1938)  by
                                                                                 Moore. Composition (1921) by El Lissitzky. Suprematist
                                                                                 composition  (1915) by Malevich. Remembrance of the
                                                                                 farm  (1911)  by  Chagall,  Dynamic  construction  of  a
                                                                                 gallop,  Horse  +  house  (1913-14)  by  Boccioni.
                                                                                  The angel of the town  (1949) by Marino Marini.
       Pablo Picasso                                                               It is an imposing unit of works. disposed in the rooms
       Lacerba. 1914                                                             of the palace. the garden and the barchessa  (an annexe
       Paper collage and drawing.                                                after the style of certain rural buildings of Venetia).  far
       71  x  57 cm.                                                             away  very  different  from  what  is  usual  in  museums.
                                                                                 that  is.  as  elements  incorporated  in  the  environment
       Jean  Arp                                                                 where  the  collector  lives.  parts  of  her  own  daily  life.
       Corona di seni. 1945                                                      The intercourse between the collector and her works of
       Marble. 46 cm. higl1                                                      art  is  established  with  an  evident  and  natural  spon­
                                                                                 taneousness.  Each  room  has  a  character  of  its  own.
       3                                                                         emphasized  by  its  furniture  (often  designed  by  great
       Max  Ernst
       II bacio. 1927                                                            artists) and by uncommon objects (surrealistic. African.
       128  x  160 cm.                                                            Polynesian.  Indian.  Mexican)  which  by their  magic  or
                                                                                 sometimes  only  by  an  odd  aspect.  seem  to  introduce
       4                                                                         an  exotic  and  mysterious  touch  into  the  antique
       Piet  Mondrian                                                            Venetian palace.
       1872-1945                                                                  This  is  typical  of  the  taste  and  the  rather  strange
       Composizione. 1939
       104 x  102 cm.                                                            temperament of  Peggy,  who has been able to give her
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