Page 2 - Studio International - June 1965
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In  minutes even  the  most  unlikely  surface

        becomes  a  perfect  painting                                                     ground

        new  Rowney cryla primer

        Now-a new discovery by Rowney which will revolutionize   from the tin. Cryla Primer is of a creamy consistency, yet produces
        painting techniques.  Cryla  Primer-a ready-for-use  Acrylic   a pure white matt surface which enhances the brilliance of glaze   rowney
        white  which  you  can  apply  straight  from  the  tin.  Within   colours.                            cryla
        minutes you have an ideal painting ground!         0  TOUGH-FLEXIBLE-ADHESIVE
        0  NEW EFFECTS-LESS EFFORT                         Cryla  Primer has unique  adhesive  qualities,  even  when applied   Primer
        Cryla Primer dispenses with effort,  makes for greater ease and   to  porous  surfaces.  Yet  it  is  so  tough  and  flexible  that  fabrics   White
        efficiency.  Students  and  amateurs  can  re-use  canvases,  both   can be primed and rolled with absolutely no risk of cracking.
        back  and  front,  by simply covering over with  Cryla  Primer.  Old   0  FAST DRYING ACTION
        oil  paintings  should  be  lightly  sandpapered  and  can  then  be
        completely  and  successfully  obliterated  with  Cryla  Primer  and   Cryla Primer is touch-dry in a few minutes, forms a completely dry
        new painting applied within hours of application.   surface  in  a  few  hours.  Cryla  Primer  may  be  used  on  most
                                                          Terylene fabrics and on some plastics. Very shiny surfaces, how­
        0  NO PREVIOUS PREPARATION NEEDED                 ever,  are  not  suitable.  Cryla  Primer  can  be  tinted  with  Cryla   Made  in  England  by
                                                                                                              George  Rowney  &  Co.  Ltd.
        There is no need to size the surface before applying Cryla Primer.   Colours.  Cryla  Primer is  obtainable  in  a  half-pint  tin  8/6d  or  a   10/11 Percy Street, London W1
                                                                                                              Makers  of  Artists'  colours
        It can be brushed  on to fabric,  paper,  or even cement,  straight   gallon tin 92/6d for large-scale work.   since  1789.
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