Page 16 - Studio International - August 1966
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intuition as by intellect. Sometimes his insights were  York city to found a studio on a remote upstate moun-
                              instantaneous, but often they required long gestation.  tainside.
                              They required a kind of contemplation, a self-knowledge,   Smith wanted to work large; the scale of his imagination
                              that is possible only perhaps when a man is long alone.  and of his energy was large. He did not reduce his con-

                              Knowing that he worked by allowing things to work on   ceptions to the possibilities and career conveniences of a
                              him—the necessity of conforming to an inner rhythm—  New York studio, or to the amiabilities of life in the city
                              was in part what took him out of the art world of New   he loved. Instead, he made work determine how and

      Saw head 1933
      Painted steel
      Height 17+ in,
      Estate of the artist
      Photo: David Smith
      Home of the welder 1945
      21 x 17+ x 14 in.
      Below left
      Portrait of the eagle's keeper
      Height 39 1/4 in.
      Coll: Miss Helen Franken-
      thaler, New York

      Below centre
      Zig 4 1961
      Painted steel
      Height 94+ in.
      Below right
      Sentinel 3 1957
      Painted steel
      Height 83 1/4 in.
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