Page 16 - Studio International - January 1966
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Anthony Caro interviewed by Andrew Forge

                                                                                   Forge  I was looking at your exhibition at the Kasmin
                                                                                  Gallery and looking at the big yellow piece, and they are
                                                                                  long forms which come spreading out across the floor
                                                                                  towards you. I discovered that as I moved about in the
                                                                                  room I didn't have the feeling, as I might with another
                                                                                  kind of sculpture, of looking at the same thing and
                                                                                  getting different aspects of what was essentially the vt
                                                                                  same image, but that my own movement about the
                                                                                  room really created completely new images, the thing
                                                                                  seemed to break up and re-form in completely new
                                                                                  ways. And it occurred to me that perhaps there was an
                                                                                  element in your sculpture which was in a sense
                                                                                  specifically pictorial, which had to do with space in a
                                                                                  way that one wouldn't normally associate with
                                                                                  Caro  I'm not so sure about the idea of it breaking up
                                                                                  into different images as you go round it. This sort of
                                                                                  sculpture is entirely to do with the sort of space that
                                                                                  the onlooker, or the artist who's making it, inhabits.
                                                                                  Scale is our scale, scale is the onlooker's scale, always,
                                                                                  and size becomes a different thing. It's not like a
                                                                                  small sculpture enlarged up. I mean a small sculpture
                                                                                  could be sitting on a stand, and inhabiting its own
        Wide  1964
        58-a x 60 x 160 in. Steel and Aluminium painted Burgundy Kasmin Gallery   world. One can then enlarge it up until it becomes a
                                                                                   large sculpture. My sculpture isn't involved in that sort
                                                                                   of operation at all. It's more like things in the room
                                                                                   really. This table, these chairs, the waste-paper basket,
                                                                                   all these things are to do with the fact that I have to sit
                                                                                   at the table, or have to sit on the chair. In the first place
                                                                                   I think that I made sculptures of this sort in about 1960,
                                                                                   because I wanted to make something that was as
                                                                                   important in a room as a person. I found it wasn't
                                                                                   possible to do this by making a person-type sculpture.
                                                                                   And I would have been left very much with the
                                                                                   problem of the vertical axis always making any sort of
                                                                                   abstract sculpture into a bit of a figure. So then you cut
                                                                                   that out and you start to get the sort of horizontal axis
                                                                                   maybe, and then you cut that out and you're left with
                                                                                  the floor as an axis. If I could only make it really free
                                                                                   the floor itself would take its part in the sculpture and
                                                                                  the only axis that would be left would be your axis or
                                                                                   mine, looking at it.
                                                                                   Forge  What do you mean by 'really free' ?
                                                                                   Caro  Well, I don't know what I mean by 'really free'
                                                                                   yet, because I haven't made a really free sculpture. The
                                                                                   objective is always to make sculpture more free.
                                                                                   Forge  Do you mean freeing it from the evident effects
                                                                                   of gravity or the evident necessity to stand up ?
                                                                                   Caro  I think that comes into it, yes.
                                                                                   Forge  Does this kind of freedom have anything to do
        The Horse 1961                                                            with the fact that some of your sculpture, although
        Steel sculpture painted Brown 80 x 163 x 38 in.
                                                                                   it's made of tremendouslydense materials like sheet steel
                                                                                   and angle-iron and so on, also looks very flimsy some-
                                                                                  times ?
                                                                                   Caro  Well, the question of gravity that you raised
                                                                                   earlier is relevant: a thing that was floating would
                                                                                   be free, in a sense, but obviously it can't be done,
                                                                                   because of the weight of every object. So some of these
                                                                                   sculptures have gone down to the ground and used it,
                                                                                   because to use this terrible handicap in a positive way
                                                                                   could give the same sort of freedom, maybe, as sticking
                                                                                   a lump of stuff up here in the air, unsupported, another
                                                                                   one over here, another one over here, you see ? That's
                                                                                  what I mean.
                                                                                   Forge  This is really what you would like to happen ?
                                                                                  To be able to make sculpture in the air, so to speak?
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