Page 18 - Studio International - July 1966
P. 18

Mario Dubsky
     Situazione Laocoonese 1965
      Oil on canvas
     79 x 79 in.

                               But these are not abstract paintings. Lurking beneath   influence on English painters, once a generation ago per-
                              the motley impasto, somewhere are images : stocky  vasive and of questionable benefit.
                              figures in an ambiguous landscape, stricken, leaning   To me the surface of these paintings appears as a
                              against each other for mutual support, or arms held high.   decorative screen behind which their true personality is
                              They are short-arsed primitive runty actors in an un-  waiting to be let out. 'Here' indicates the artist, 'it's like
                              named opera.                                      the  Victory of Samothrace' ,  and raises his own arms in
                               One apprehends the images partially, through explana-  imitation. Faintly but surely enough two directions can
                              tion from the artist and the pervading sense that there   be discerned working through the skeins of colour.
                              must be something going on. Through leaded lights darkly   Momentarily I am convinced, but later not. Optimistic,
                              . . . The images are not there on the surface. On the  I am reminded of the opening of John Huston's film
                              surface are loosely-brushed patterns of richest oil, the  of 'The Bible' (once featured in a colour supplement) in
                              forms mostly ovoid or squarish polygonal, snaked with  which a pile of mud is slowly and magically transformed
                              occasional longer sausage shapes. Curiously the style  into the new-created Adam. It's a movie which hasn't
                              evokes de Stael —it must be the last manifestation of his   been released yet.
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