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studio international

                                   incorporating THE STUDIO                                                                 Founded 1893

                                   March1967                                          Volume 173  Number 887

             Editor: Peter Townsend   Patronage and patrons                           Comment by Jasia Reichardt                   114
             Advertising & Publicity
             Manager: Benson Zonena
             Art Editor: Michael Young   How other European countries help the arts   Mark Glazebrook                              116
             Contributing Editors:
             Dore Ashton (New York)   Fine art and industrial design-the danger
            Jean Clay (Paris)     of an educational apartheid                         Christopher Cornford                         117
             Frank Whitford (London)
             Editorial Advisory   The Tate Gallery report                             Ian Dunlop                                  . 118
            J. P. Hodin           Correspondence
             (International relations)                                                                                             119
             Alan Bowness  Andrew
             Forge  David Thompson   The all-round view                              C. H. Waddington                              121
             International Advis.ory
             Panel:               A conversation with Rene Magritte                  Suzi Gablik                                   128
            Austria: Dr Werner
            Argentina: Jorge Romero   Bridget Riley                                  Interviewed by David Sylvester                132
             Brest                                    ...,
             Belgium: Michel Seuphor   David Bamberg : an artist as teacher          Cliff Holden                                  136
             Brazil: Mario Pedrosa
             France: Jacques
            Lassaigne             The unknown Grosz                                  Joshua Kind                                   144
            Germany: Dr Werner
            Holland: Prof. A. M.   The London shows                                  London commentary by  Edward Lucie-Smith      146
            Israel: Haim Gamzu    Tess Jaray's mural for Expo '67                    Gene Baro                                    · 150
            Italy: Prof. G. C. Argan
            Japan: Shuzo Takiguchi
            Scandinavia: Reider   It's a big country                                 New York commentary by  Dore Ashton           152
            Spain: Alejandro
            Cirici-Pellicer       On exhibition                                      A selection from current and forthcoming
            Switzerland: Dr Carola                                                   exhibitions                                   156
             U.S.A.: Thomas M. Messer   Art prices current                           George Savage                                 162
            J. J. Sweeney
             Yugoslavia: Aleksa
             Celebonovic          Supplement:  New and recent art books

                                  Bridget Riley
                                  Descent 1965-
                                  Emulsion on board
                                  36 X  36 in.

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