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studio international

                                    incorporating,THE STUDIO                                                                 Founded 1893

                                    �vember 1967                                       Volume 17 4  Number 894

              Editor: Peter Townsend   Comment                                         Norbert Lynton
             Assistant Editor:                                                                                                      182
              Charles Harrison
              Advertising & Publicity   Moholy Nagy and light art as an art of the future   Jasia  Reichardt                        184
              Manager: Benson Zonena
              Art Editor: Michael Young   An underground movie trip                    Kevin Gough-Yates
              Contributing Editors:                                                                                                 185
              Dore Ashton (�ew York)
              Jean Clay (Paris)     The painter in the novel                           Eva Tucker                                   186
              Frank Whitford (Berlin)
              Editorial Advisory   Conservation: conference of the IICHA W            John FitzMaurice Mills                        187
             J. P. Hodin            Correspondence                                     Gerald Bonnefoy; George Savage;
              (International relations)                                                Robert Upton
              Alan Bowness  Andrew                                                                                                  187
              Forge  David Thompson
              lnterna\lonal Advisory                                                                                                187
              Austria: Dr Werner    Modern art and the virtues of decadence           Max Kozloff                                   189
             Argentina: Jorge Romero
             Brest                 Vitality                                           poems by Willem Sandberg                      200
             Belgium: Michael Seuphor
             Brazil: Marlo Pedrosa   Preoccupation with colour: conversations with Gene
              France: Jacques       Davis and Albert Stadler                          Gene Baro
              Lassaigne                                                                                                             204
             Germany: Dr Werner
             Schmalenbach           London commentary                                 Charles Harrison
              Holland: Prof. A. M.                                                                                                  212
             Israel: Halm Gamzu     New York commentary                               Dore Ashton                                   215
             Italy: Prof. G. C. Argan
             Japan: Shuzo Takiguchi   Sao Paulo Bienal                                Alan Bowness
             Scandinavia: Reider                                                                                                    218
             Spain: Alejandro       Athens commentary                                  Robert Lockwood                              220
             Switzerland: Dr Carola
             Gledion-Welcker       On exhibition                                      A selection from current and forthcoming
              U.S.A.: Thomas M. Messer                                                exhibitions                                   222
             J. J. Sweeney
             Yugoslavia: Aleksa    Supplement:  New and recent art books
              Celebonovlc                                                                                                           229

                                   Cover designed especially for this issue by
                                   Gordon House-the drawing is related to the
                                   images In his edition of boxes clear coloured
                                   and neutrals recently published by Marlborough
                                   Fine Art, London. Gordon House's work is
                                   also represented In the exhibition 'Transatlantic
                                   Graphics', recently shown at Newcastle upon
                                   Tyne and now at Camden Arts Centre, London.

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