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News                                      ception,  a  romantic  with  a  precise  concern  for   the arts. Over the past year the Association, which
                                                                                           need  for promotion and marketing techniques in
                                                geometry, a 'fumbler' who left his clear mark.
      and notes                                 Arlis,  the  newly  formed  Art  Libraries  Society,   received a grant of £85,000 from the Arts Council,
                                                                                           has  sponsored  over  1,200  concerts,  plays,  exhibi­
                                                published  its  first  Newsletter  in  October. The
                                                society  aims  at  national  co-operation  between   tions and festivals.  Of a total £182,000 cake,  the
                                                                                           visual arts received an £8,000 slice.
                                                librarians and others interested specifically in the
                                                literature of the arts;  its purpose as stated in the   The 1969 Print Prize Exhibition held annually
                                                constitution,  is  'to  promote  art  librarianship,   by the Print Council of Australia and recognized
                                                particularly  by  acting  as  a  forum  for  the  inter­  as one of the top awards by print makers, artists,
                                                change of information and materials'. The society   and  supporters  of  this  branch  of  the fine  arts  in
      Maurice de Sausmarez                      aims to tackle such issues as the problem of tracing   Australia has been won by Jock Clutterbuck, 24, an
     Maurice de Sausmarez ARA, the artist, head of the   and obtaining important short-term art periodicals,   artist and sculptor living in Balwyn, a suburb of
     Byam Shaw School of Drawing and Painting, and a   the  availability  of  back  issues  and  reprints,  and   Melbourne.
     distinguished writer and critic, died in London at   co-operation  in  purchasing.  One  immediately
     the end of October at the age of 54. De Sausmarez   projected task is the compilation of a union list of   A new Open Painting Competition is to be held
                       a                        ARLIS  members'  periodical  holdings.  Council   for students at the main art colleges in the London
     capacity for enormous work despite ill-health; this   members are drawn from art libraries throughout   area. To be known as the Stowells Trophy, it carries
     year,    apar    h  d  responsibilities,   the  country.  Copies  of  the  newsletter  and  ARLIS   a prize of £250 and, above all, an opportunity for
     he   edited a publication on Ben   for     membership  forms  are  available  from  the  Secre­  the selected students from each college to sell their
     Studio International, completed books on Poussin and   tary,  Alexander  Davis,  Coventry  College  of  Art   paintings and bring their work to the attention of a
     Bridget   and             time             and Design, Gosford Street, Coventry CVI 5RZ.   wider audience through public exhibition. Besides
     and imagination to Space Ltd, the London Docks   Articles,  letters,  wants  and  offers  and  other   Chelsea  and the Royal College  of Art, the  other
                 a                              material for inclusion in future issues of the News­  colleges taking part comprise: Camberwell School
     director.                                  letter should be addressed to Pat Batley, Chairman,   of  Arts  and  Crafts;  Central  School  of  Art  and
     Geri Morgan, who teaches at Byam Shaw, writes:   London College of Printing, Elephant and Castle,   Design; Goldsmith's College;  Hammersmith Col­
     Maurice de Sausmarez, teacher and pacemaker in   London SE I. The Society's first special publication,   lege of Art and Building; Homsey College of Art;
             c  de  For                         Art Libraries;  a  surv�  ef their  administration,  content   London  College of  Printing;  the Royal Academy
       he        fum      the                   and services . .. by Aylwin A. Sampson, was made   School; St Martin's School of Art; Slade School of
     iconoclast,      design'  m    with        available recently.                       Fine Arts. Prominent members of the art world who
       and Thrubron in the late     drag                                                  have already agreed to act as judges on the panel
                 twentieth                      Christo's  latest  package,  1,000,000  sq. ft.  of   include: Peter Blake, Merl yn  Evans, Terry Frost,
     cen      and  followers   mis­             the Australian coastline at Little Bay, near Sydney   Martin  Froy,  David  Hockney,  Robert  Medley,
     took his fundamental work in visual dynamics for a   covering a frontage of approximately one mile, was   Jack Smith and Michael Williams.
     welc      we  puzzled    hi                realised for the period I to 28 November. Using a
     commit­ment to tradition in drawing and painting.   poly-propylene  fabric,  35  miles  of  rope,  two-way   Robin Campbell, at present deputy art director
     De      the      'basic                    radios  and  an  estimated  17,000  man  hours,  and   of the Arts Council of Great Britain, is to succeed
         it        He                           despite southerly gales and pyromaniac hooligans,   Gabriel  White  as  director  of  art.  Mr  Campbell
     dem  vis    fr      a                      Christo  wrapped  up  rocks  to  a  height  of  84  feet.   takes up his new post early in 1970.
                 rational                       Sponsors were the Aspen Centre of Contemporary
     exploration of  formal   In his own work,   Art, Colorado, and Christo himself.      Recently-opened London galleries: The Archer
     in painting and writing, he saw in mathematics a                                     Gallery,  23  Grafton  Street,  London,  W  l ,   which
     unifying factor which could lead for example to the   The Institute for Research in Art and Techno­  opened  with  an  exhibition  of  sculpture  by  Leon
     works this )'ear on Poussin and Bridget Riley.   logy  is now established at the London New Arts   Underwood and paintings by  Michael Aram and
     His humanism was the mainspri  I  determined   Laboratory,  I  Robert  Street,  NWI.  A  disused   Georges Brunon; Rasik Art Gallery, 6 Rotherwick
     th  p  w        whic  affected             factory, leased to the administrators of a charitable   Road, London, NWl 1.
       with whom he w  It motivated his         trust by the London Borough of Camden, has been
         the ne  of  art, of the   of           converted  into  performance  areas,  a  theatre,
     education. It sustained his belief in the potential of   cinema and gallery, which will function in colla­  THE
     the Royal Academy. His vitality, without the   boration  with  facilities  provided  for  work  in
     pro­te  umbrell    governme  suppor        electronics, television, film, metal, plastics, etc.
     trans­formed the Byam Shaw into a serious school                                           STVDid
     which gave de Sausmarez a living workshop for his   The Northern Arts Report,  recently  published
     ideas.                                     by the Northern Arts Association,  emphasises the
                                                                                          75 years ago
                                                                                          At  the  Caxton  Head,  Holborn,  a  peculiarly  in­
                                                                                          teresting exhibition of artistic bookbinding deserves
                                                                                          more detailed description than our space permits.
                                                                                          Mr Tregaskis some few months ago sent out seventy­
                                                                                          five  copies  of  Mr  William  Morris's  Kelmscott
                                                                                          edition of King Florus to binders in all parts of the
                                                                                          world; not merely in the ordinary centres of civili­
                                                                                          zation, but in remote districts. The majority of the
                                                                                          books received showed consummate excellence in
                                                                                          manipulation; indeed, the bindings of France and
                                                                                          Italy  were in  several instances  almost  too  coldly
                                                                                          (From Gallery, Studio, and Mart.)
                                                                                          50 years ago
                                                                                          A report on the sale at Christie's of the Drummond
                                                                                          Collection  records  that  Knoedler  paid  6,400
                                                                                          guineas for Turner's Port Ruysdael and Agnew paid
                                                                                          6,200  guineas  for  a  watercolour,  Zurich,  by  the
                                                                                          same artist. High prices were recorded for Barbizon
                                                                                          paintings,  e.g.  7,800  guineas  for  Daubingy's  Le
                                                                                          Retour du  Tmoupeau, bought for presentation to the
                                                                                          Montreal  Gallery,  while  a  painting  by  Joseph
                                                                                          Israels sold for 4,800 guineas.
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