Page 21 - Studio International - August 1965
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K.  F.  Dahmen

          Montage with  obJects  1963
          79 x  71  cm.

                                  exhibitions  in  Germany,  Paris,  New  York,  Milan,   Dahmen,  the  Rhinelander,  feels  himself  a  European.
                                  Brussels, Rotterdam, Oslo, etc. He has been represented   He lives on the frontier and is glad to cross it.  Periods
                                  in  numerous  important  international  exhibitions  in  of  intense  work alternate  with  periods  of travel.  Paris
                                  Europe, the U.S.A., Canada, South America and Japan,  is as familiar to him as Rome. He is as much at home in
                                  and  in  the  'documenta  II'  in  Kassel  in  1959.  His   Belgium  as  in  Spain.  He  owns  an  old  estate  in  the
                                  pictures are  to  be found in collections and  museums  Ardennes, a piece of land in Ibiza.  He creates his own
                                  here and abroad.  His most important work of 'applied'  world everywhere.
                                  art  consists  of  a  5  x  25  metre  relief  wall,  which  he   Dahmen's  work  and  personality  form  a  whole,  are
                                  made in 1961 /62 for a new building of the  University  completely  genuine,  organic  and  consistent.  If  one
                                  in Heidelberg.  Dahmen has also realised his unmistak­  asks, what is the ideal that gives to him and to his co­
                                  able  conceptions  in  the  field  of  the  graphic  arts.  For  innovators in other countries their impulse, what is the
                                  the  Rothe edition in  Heidelberg he made three graphic  meaning  of  their  artistic  striving,  the  answer  may  be
                                  series of colour lithographs,  colour etchings and relief  found  in  the  words  of  the  Gi:ittigen  philosopher
                                  prints under the titles Etudes (1959), Suite Ibiza (1963)   Lichtenberg, written two hundred years ago, and which
                                  and  Terra Magica  (1965).  Especially in the last named  to this day provide a valid answer to the question of the
                                  cycle did he succeed in completely translating his ideas  meaning of Art  and  Life: 'There is no goal,  the way is
                                  of  terrestrial  formations  into  the  graphic  medium.   the goal'.                            ■
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