Page 16 - Studio International - August 1965
P. 16

K.F.Dahmen                                        Painter of Terrestrial  Formations

                                                                               by  Hanns Theodor  Fleming


                                                                               Karl Fred Dahmen is one of the pioneers of ·art informel'
                                                                               in  Germany. The painter was born in  1917  in  Stolberg
                                                                               near Aachen close to the  Belgian frontier.  He still lives
                                                                               in Stolberg.  Recently. he built himself a beautiful house
                                                                               on a mountain slope and there he works in a spacious
                                                                               adJoining  studio  creating  his  highly  individualistic
                                                                               ·material'  pictures and collages.  Dahmen works with a
                                                                               complete independence,  undisturbed by any trends of
                                                                               fashion. yet in constant touch with the world. and with
                                                                               a fine sense for the formal problems of our time.  He is
                                                                               no theoretician;  he speaks through the pictures which
                                                                               he  paints.  assembles  and  rigs  together  with  the  skill
                                                                               of  the  craftsman  and  with  aesthetic  sensibility.
                                                                                Precisely today, at a time when pop and op art rigorously
                                                                               displace  all  variations  of  action  painting  and  ·art
                                                                               informel' as fashionable new currents. the painters who
                                                                               prove  themselves  are  those  who  develop  their  own
                                                                               conceptions,  with ever new possibilities of expression.
                                                                                 Since 1950  Dahmen has been painting in an abstract
                                                                               style.  From landscape and town panorama he attained.
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