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                                                                             City of Coventry College of Art

                                                                             for full-time  courses
                                                                             Fine Art (Painting) Dip  AD
                                                                             Graphic  Design  (Visual  Communication) Dip  AD

                                                                             College  Diploma Courses
                                                                             Advertising Design
                                                                             Exhibition Design

                                                                             Examination  Courses
                                                                             Technical  Illustration
                                                                             Window Display

                                                                             and  Pre-Diploma Courses

                                                                             apply  to  the  Secretary
                                                                             Cope  Street Coventry tel. 23522
                                                                      6             ARTISTS  BRUSHES
                                                                              BEAUTIFUL  HAND-MADE

                                                                              Available direct from manufacturer to user.  Write today
                                                                              for our comprehensive price list for all craftsmen's brushes
                                                                              SUPERLATIVE QUALITY ARTISTS BRUSHES
                                                                              for OILS, WATER COLOUR PAINTING,
                                          Now the                             LETTERING, GILDING and every kind of

              First the                    big step                           art-work or meticulous detail

                 little                                                       Introductory offer-we  will send you a set of six  beauti­
                                                                              fully  balanced  and  finished  artists  brushes  in  seamless
                                                                              drawn  ferrules  for  20/- postage  paid.  These  brushes
             revolution-                  forward                             will  delight  you  with  their  high  standard  and  flawless
                                                                              performance-and are unconditionally guaranteed.  Send
                                                                              today  for  this  aid  to  better painting.  Simply complete
      First  there  was  the  fibre-tipped  Pentel  Pen,  epoch-making  in  the  way  it   coupon  below  and  send  together  with  your  remittance
      stayed  fast  on  all  surfaces;  in  its  smooth,  sure  touch;  in  its  instant-dry   for 20/-.
      non-smudge  ink. People  bought  it  in  great  numbers  and  sketched  and   Please tick the correct box in the coupon below.
      Pentel  Sign  Pen:  available  in  Red,  Blue,  Black,  Green,  Yellow,  Brown  r
      visualised  and jotted  and  even  signed  cheques  with it (Pentel's  brush-like
      strokes make plain Arthur into Art).                                     _, _________ ,
      Following revolution,  evolution ... and the  Pentel  Pen is  joined by Pentel's  I
                                                                                                              I enclose P.O. for20/-for
      and Orange 3/3d.  each.                                         NAME                             1 □  a set of Pure Kolinsky Sables   I
                                                                                                              Nos.  1-6 inclusive  for water­
      new  50  Giant  Marker.  A  spirit-based  ink  pen  in  Blue,  Black and Red,  re­  ADDRESS      2  j_J   colour painting-MEDIUM
                                                                                                             LENGTH  HAIR.
      t111able,  Giant  Marker  is  big  news  for  industrial  marking  and  warehouse   I                  as  box  No.  I   above  but   I
                                                                                                             SHORT HAIR.
      use.  On metal it leaves a mark broad, clear,  permanent.  On  waxed  surfaces   · ........................................ -· .. . ....... ··············· ........... .........   a
      too.  Less  noticeable  is  Giant  Marker's price:  3/6d.  each  from your  regular   I          3  [] ror:i:I:�i�;l���tf  � �\,:   I
      stationery supplier.                                            A  S  HANDOVER LTD                      I  each  Nos.  4,  6  and  8
                                                                                                        1 1
             SOLE SALES DISTRIBUTORS IN GREAT BRITAIN & IRELAND      I  ■  S.O.,   An g el   Yard,   H'1ghg ■  4 I__  �;���;� s  •�,�� �,Is� 1  � a ��   I
      THE ROYAL SOVEREIGN PENCIL COMPANY LIMITED PONTYCLUN, GLAMORGAN  '-------------                                         J
                ROYAL SOVEREIGN
                                                                                                              Nos.  4,  6  and  8  square
                                                                                                              ended  thin  flat  chisel  Hog
                                                                      London,  N.6
                                                                                      Tel:  MOUntview 0665
                                                                                                              H air.
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