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hammerlunds                                              Artists'  I nternationa I

                                                                          Exhibition Agency
                           gallery                                       The A.LE.A. is the only agency of its kind in the world.   Its functions are:

                                                                       •  To act as agents for artists wishing to exhibit and for galleries
                         Tordenskioldsgt 3.  Oslo                        looking for new artists.
                                                                       •  To handle the practical and commercial aspects of exhibiting
                                                                         and marketing works of art on behalf of artists.
                                                                       •  To promote and increase facilities for exhibiting works of art
                                                                         especially by making use of opportunities not yet fully developed
                                                                         and those outside London.
                                                                       •  To facilitate the exhibition of the works of artists from this
                                                                         country, abroad, and of those from other countries over here.
                                                                          Enquiries, from artists wishing to  register, or from galleries,  or other bodies
                                                                         seeking work for exhibition, by letter in first instance please, to:
                                                                          Secretary,  A.LE.A.,  3  Millman  Street,  London,  W.C.1
                    k.f.dahmen                                           FLYING  HORSE

                                                                        52, WILSON STREET,  LONDON,  E.C.2 (off  Finsbury Square)
                                                                              EXHIBITION OF  PAINTINGS

                                                                        Mon.-Sat. 11  a.m.-2.30  p.m.  5  p.m.-11  p.m.  Sunday  12 a.m.-2 p.m.  7  p.m.-10.30 p.m.

                                                                           GALLERY  BIQUE

                                                                          NEW  FIGURATIVE  SPANISH  PAINTING

                                                                              Po.  DE  LA  CASTELLANA  MADRID  1

                                                                                   PENWITH  SOCIETY  OF  ARTS
        Beutlich  Block prints                                            AUTUMN  EXHIBITION

                                                                                       18th  August - 2nd  October
        Brunsdon  Etchings                                                   to be opened by  Dr.  J.  P.  Hodin  on 18th  August at 7.30 p.m.
                                                                                              Penwith  Gallery
                                                                                      Back  Road  West, St.  Ives,  Cornwall

       4  August to  4  September  1965
                                                                                         Tiranti art bookshop
                                                                                         We have an enormous selection of art books
        Editions  Alecto                                                                 both English&. foreign, just for you to choose from.
                                                                                         If you wish to keep in touch with the world of art
                                                                                         today, ask for our monthly catalogue of books.
       8  Holland  Street  W8  Western  6434                                             72 Charlotte  Street London W.1.  Phone Museum  1165
                                                                                         art books from the corners of the world

        p i c c a d i 11 y g a 11 e ry :11f1�� :;;r                                    studio international advertisement  rates

                   Summer  Show
                                 through  August


                                                                                       Enquiries regarding advertising should be made to
         JAMES COURT· LAWN MARKET· EDINBURGH· TEL: CALEDONIAN 6895                     The Advertisement  Manager
                               RICK ULMAN                                              Chestergate  House
         JULY 26-AUG. 15                                                               Studio International
            PRINTS  BY                                                                 Vauxhall  Bridge  Road  London  SW1   Vic 2331

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