Page 3 - Studio International - March 1965
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Leonard Rosoman's 'Death  of Elizabeth  I'.
       Leading  artists  chose  cryla  for  Shakespeare  paintings

       Among  the  many  attractions  at  last    Cryla  colours  (the  acrylic  paints  made  by   As  further  proof  of  Cryla's  toughness  and
       year's  Shakespeare  Exhibition  at  Strat­  George  Rowney  &  Co.  Ltd)  were  in  fact  the   flexibility,  all eight  paintings  have been rolled,
       ford-on-Avon  were  eight  revolutionary   only  possible  solution  to  the  problems  that   transported and restretched four times since the
       paintings  in  an  entirely  new  artists'   faced the chosen artists. Time was short - and   Shakespeare  Exhibition - and  still  they  are  in
       medium-Cryla.                              the  canvases  were to  be moved  from  London   perfect condition.
                                                  immediately on completion.
                                                  The  huge  canvases  (four  measured  30ft  by
                                                   15 ft)  were primed with  Cryla  Primer; by night­
                                                  fall the same day they were ready for painting.
                                                  Within  seven  weeks  the  paintings  were  com­
                                                  pleted.  Almost  immediately  they  were  wound
                                                  on rollers for despatch to Stratford - a feat that
                                                  would have been impossible with conventional           MADE  IN  ENGLAND
                                                  oil colours.                                         BY  GEORGE  ROWNEY
                                                  The  varied  styles  of  the  artists  show  the        &  COMPANY  LTD
                                                  exceptional  scope  that  Cryla  allows.  From           10/11  PERCY  ST
                                                  water-thinned brush-tip delicacy through to the            LONDON  W1
                                                                                                              MAKERS  OF
                                                  heaviest  impasto - in  some  cases  a  quarter  of    ARTISTS'  COLOURS
                                                  an  inch  thick.                                            SINCE  1789
       Rosoman  a!  work

       Rowney  Cryla  colours  · 30  colours  in  artists'  roll-up  tubes
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