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T  e Connoisseur

                                                                        March 1965
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                                                                       J. F. Hayward continues his series  of  important articles
                                                                       on the  Mannerist  Goldsmiths, in this article dealing
                                                                       with  Antwerp  work  and  the  Italian  influence  in  the
                                                                       designs of Erasmus Hornick.
                                                                        Graham Hood shows, in colour and monochrome, some
                                                                       of the Meissen porcelain in the J.P. Morgan collection
                                                                       at Wadsworth Atheneum, U.S.A.
                                                                        Anthony  Coleridge  reveals for  the  first  time  the  extent
                                                                       and importance of the  English  furniture  in the  Duke
                                                                       of Argyll's collection at lnveraray Castle, Scotland.
                                                                        Joseph  T.  Butler  records  the  wealth  of  Mrs.  Giles
                                                                       Whiting's American collections at  Scarborough-on­
                                                                        H udson,  New York. (Part 1.)
                                                                       A. C. Sewter,  of  Manchester  University,  writes  on  the
                                                                       important  'Between  Renaissance  and  Baroque'
                                                                       paintings  exhibition  to be held at  Manchester  City Art
                                                                       William  Gaunt  writes  on  some  of  the  Impressionist
                                                                       paintings  in  the  collection  of  Mr.  and  Mrs.  George
                                                                        Four drawings by R. A. Bevan, reproduced in offset­
                                                                        litho, with an introduction by J. Wood Palmer.

                               e Connoisseur

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