Page 22 - Studio International - January 1966
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must be impaired by the eyes of the unfeeling and the   that have at least four things in common : a concern for
                               cruelty of the impotent who would extend their     the clarified contour; a desire to suppress the individual
                               affliction universally.'                           brush stroke ; a wilful attempt, paradoxical as it may
                                 With the maturing of a new generation of artists, new   seem, to understate the idiosyncratic or the personal ;
                               sets of attitudes came to take the place of the old ones   and an interest in presenting a seemingly machine-
                               as well as to vie with each other. Such 'middle    crafted object to the public. These movements are Pop
                                generation' artists as Richard Diebenkorn and Robert   and Op Art and the New Abstraction or Concrete
                                Rauschenberg, although neither of them hard edge   Expressionism.
                                artists, helped many over the autobiographical hurdle   In content, Pop represents a concern for things, Op
                                by their deeds and words. It was Diebenkorn, for   manifests a desire to imitate science, and Concrete
                                instance, who said : 'I came to mistrust my desire to   Expressionism wants to arrange shapes discreetly.
                                explode the picture and supercharge it in some way,'   Insofar as these modes also transform and develop
       Willem de Kooning        and Rauschenberg who offered the following : 'Any   certain aspects or tendencies of Abstract Expressionism,
       Gotham News 1955
       69 x 79 in.              incentive to paint is as good as any other.'      they may be looked upon as continuations rather than
       Albright-Knox Art Gallery   Among movements that have attracted significant   as reactions to the older movement. Many Pop
        Buffalo. New York
       Gift of Seymour H. Knox 1955   attention in the last five or six years there are those   paintings and sculptures, in focusing upon a single
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