Page 25 - Studio International - January 1966
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yet it has also been said of Frank Stella's paintings that  not production. A concern for both production and
                                 he '. .. is not interested in expression or sensitivity. He  things provokes ominous thoughts, however, particularly
                                 is interested in the necessities of painting.' For the Op  when viewed in the context of the societies envisaged
                                 artist, meaning resides in affecting our perception. 'My  by Jacques Ellul in  The Technological Society  and
                                 work,' said Anuszkiewicz, 'could best be explained as  Herbert Marcuse in  One-Dimensional Man.  Both
                                 a creative approach to the use of optical phenomena in  see man dominated by a technology of his own
                                 configurations with a primary interest in ambiguous  creation, a technology that infiltrates all aspects of his
                                 space, colour change, and visual movement of  life and determines in great measure how he will react
                                 shapes.'                                          to various stimuli. (It is true that today even leisure
                                  Thus problems of colour and composition, and of  time must be planned or 'programmed.") Of the art
                                 consciously forcing a style into existence, have been  movements here under discussion, whatever else we
                                 substituted for problems of the self. Where we once  may say about them we cannot deny that Pop exults in
                                 read Sartre for insights into the Abstract Expressionist  the detritus of an industrial society, Op has geared
         Tom Wesselmann          cosmos, we must now turn to other writers. For  itself as an artistic adjunct, and Concrete Expressionism
         Still Life 20  1962
         36 x 36 in.             example, we can interpolate Pop Art into John Kenneth  is satisfied with its impersonal look. If artists hold to
         Albright-Knox Art Gallery   Galbraith's  The Affluent Society,  for Galbraith finds  present trends in making and writing about art a com-
         Buffalo, New York
         Gift of Seymour H. Knox   that a basic problem in America is slavery to things,  puterised art movement cannot be far behind.  	n
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