Page 25 - Studio International - July/August 1967
P. 25

Picasso: sculpture and constructions

                                   In his little-known constructions of 1912-24 (of which five examples are illustrated overleaf ),
                                   Picasso's gift for magical improvization was controlled by the visual disciplines of cubism.
                                   Guitars or table-top groups are fragmented and re-assembled, tranformed, from other materials.
                                  Forms, spaces and colours involve the spectator in the discourse between intense vision and inspired

          Goat 1950
          47⅝  x 28¾ x 55 in.

          The works illustrated are
          from the exhibition of
          Picasso sculpture at the
          Tate Gallery (9 June-13
          August) and this autumn at
          the Museum of Modern Art,
          New York
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