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Corres ondence                                                                       News

                                                                                              The  Magritte  retrospective  opens  at the Tate
                                                                                              Gallery on 14 February. The IOI works which will
                                                                                              be on show have been selected by David Sylvester,
                                                                                              who has also written the catalogue introduction.
                                                                                              Plans  of  the  Tate  Gallery's  £2  millon
                                                                                              extension scheme have been shown at the Tate
                                                                                              to  test  public  opinion.  The  scheme,  which  has
                                                                                              been prepared by the architects Llewel yn -Davies,
                                                                                              Weeks,  Forestier-Walker  and  Bor,  provides  for
                                                                                              extensions at front and back of  the existing build­
                                                                                              ing. The one at the front involves the removal of
                                                                                              the present portico and steps and runs clear across
                                                                                              the whole site-nearly 300 ft wide and  l00 ft deep.
                                                                                              It has a lower ground floor, two main floors and a
         Visual poetry                                                                        small  group  of  offices  set  in  the  roof.  The  rear
         Dear Sir,                                                                            extension  will  be  on  one  floor  with  a  basement,
         Whilst one can  sympathize  with  attempts  on  the                                  and  will  include  a  lecture  theatre,  a  study  centre
         part  of  commentators  to  bring  as  much evidence                                 and  an  archive  store.  Space  for  the  permanent
         as possible together in support of  their arguments,                                 collections will  be  on  one  floor,  the  greater  part
         however  bizarre,  one  has  to  object  when  en­                                   with  natural  top, lighting,  and  will  represent  an
         thusiasm  allows  inaccuracies  to  be  incorporated                                 increase of some 50 per cent. as compared with the
         in such arguments.                                                                   space  hitherto  available.  An  upper  exhibition
         In his recent evaluation of visual poetry (December                                  gallery,  occupying the full width and depth of the
         issue), John Sharkey claims that 'The extension of                                   front  extension,  will  be  used  for  temporary
         words  in  space/time  construction  is  the  most                                   exhibiti?ns  and  for  the  Moore  gift  and  other
         important and singular British contribution to the                                   special collections  which can be shown  out of the
         international  field  of  visual  poetry'.  This  is  not                            main pattern of circulation.
         true.  The most singular British contribution is the
         work of  one man, the  Scottish poet Ian Hamilton                                    The  Art  Gallery  of  Ontario  has  recently
         Finlay, who first conceived  of the  poem  or  poster                                announced that  Henry  Moore  will donate  to  the
         print,  the  glass  poem  and  the  stone  poem.  It                                 gallery  a  large  and  representative  selection  of  his
         would  be  a  mistake  to ignore these  three  genres                                own work. Details of the works are not yet known,
         because they do not tower feet high, gyrate, hum,                                    but the president  of  the  gallery  has  expressed  the
         squirt juices about, etc., or work by electricity.   75 years ago                    hope that it will be possible to make concrete plans
                           Yours faithfully,                                                  for a new wing to house the donation.
                           Stuart  Mills            Now  that after  an  interval of  two years the  Arts
         Tarasque Press,                            and  Crafts  Exhibition  Society  has  gathered   'European  Painters  T o day'  is  the  title  of
         The  Trent Book Shop,                      together  material  for  a  fourth  show,  it  may  be   an  exhibition  on  view  at  the  Jewish  Museum,
         West Bridgford,                            well  before  discussing  the  present  display to  tum   New  York,  until  16  March  1969,  with  80
         Notts.                                     to the preface to the catalogue of its first exhibition   paintings by  49  artists  from  9  countries.  Among
                                                    in  1888.  Therein  we  find  a  protest  against  the   those  represented  are  Hundertwasser,  Magritte,
                                                    modern  industrial  system  which  has  thrust  the   Riley,  Bacon,  Stroud,  Arman,  Klein,  Vasarefy,
                                                    personal  element  further  and  further  into  the   Schumacher,  Mack,  Appel,  Van  Amen,  Dorazio,
                                                    background  until  the  production  of  ornament   Tapies and Fahlstrom. The exhibition is presented
                                                    instead  of  growing  out  of  organic  necessities  has   as  a  personal  selection  by  Franc;:ois  Mathey,
                                                    become  a  marketable  affair  controlled  by  the   Director  of  the  Musee  des  Arts  Decoratifs,
                                                    salesman and the advertiser, and at the mercy of   Paris,  Werner  Schrnalenbach,  Director  of  the
                                                    every  passing fashion. To proclaim  that  the  true   Kunstsamrnlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Diisseldorf,
                                                    root and basis of all art lies in the handicrafts, and   Fontus Hulten,  Director  of the  Moderna  Museet,
                                                    to give visible expression to  such belief,  were the   Stockholm,  and  Sam  Hunter,  former  Director,
                                                    objects for which the Society was started; coupled   and Kynaston McShine, former Curator of  Paint­
                                                    with  a  determination  to  give  full  prominence  to   ing and Sculpture, of the Jewish Museum. Colour
                                                    the  individuality  of  each  designer  and  craftsman   slide  sets  of  works  shown  are  available  from
                                                    engaged in  the production of its exhibits.   Sacdak  Inc.,  of New  York  City  for  sale  to  art
                                                    From  'The  Arts  and  Crafts Exhibition  Society  at   centres  and  educational  institutions,  and  an
                                                    the New Gallery,  1893.'                  accompanying  text  has  been  written  by  Dore
                                                    October  1893.                            Ashton.  The  exhibition,  sponsored  by  the  Mead
                                                                                              Corporation,  will  go  on  tour  to  the  Smithsonian
                                                    50 years ago                              Institution,  Washington  ( 19  April-I  June),  the
                                                    Our  frontispiece  this  month  is  a  reproduction  of   Museum of  Contemporary  Art, Chicago  (5 July-
                                                    The Pool,  a characteristic painting  by  Mr Anning   8  September),  the  High  Museum  of Art,  Atlanta
                                                    Bell,  in  which  his  refined  sense  of  colour  and   (28  Scptember-26  October)  and  the  Dayton Art
                                                    disciplined   draughtsmanship   are   admirably   Institute, Ohio (17 November-14 December).
                                                    exemplified.  In  these  days,  when  the  cult  of
                                                    colour  tends  to run  to extremes and  we  are often   An exhibition and  sale of works  of  art donated
                                                    called  upon  to  admire  paintings  which  have   in  aid  of  the  Marx  House  Restoration  Fund  will
                                                    about  as  much right  to· be called  works  of  art as   be held at the  Alpine Galleries,  74 South Audley
                                                    a bit of 'crazy' yatchwork, it is  necessary  to insist   Street,  W. l,  from  24  February  to  I  March.  A
                                                    upon the significance of form as a vital element in   preservation order on this early eighteenth-century
                                                    pictorial  productions.  The  correlative importance   house at Clerkenwell Green was confirmed in 1967.
                                                    of  colour  and  form  in  a  painting  was  years  ago   A number  of  artists from abroad,  including  some
                                                    emphasized by Ruskin, who certainly was no whit   from  Eastern  Europe,  will  be  contributing  to  the
                                                    behind the ultra-modei-ns of to-day  in recognizing   exhibition.  Those  interested  should  contact  the
                                                    the aesthetic value of  colour.           Restoration  Fund  at  37a  Clerkenwell  Green,
                                                    From 'Studio-Talk',  September  1918.     E.C.I.
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