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Studio International

            Incorporating 'The Studio', Founded 1893  	February 1971 Volume 181 Number 930

            Editor: Peter Townsend                    Cover: postcards by Richard Hamilton and David Hockney from the recent
            Assistant Editor: Charles Harrison        exhibition at the Angela Flowers Gallery, London
            Business Manager: Czeslaw Szymborksi
            Art Director: Malcolm Lauder              A smart set of concepts / Suzi Gablik / 42
            Advertisement Manager: Thelma Watt
            Contributing Editors:                     Aaargh! indeed / Andrew Higgens / 43
            Dore Ashton (New York)
            Jean Clay (Paris)
            Frank Whitford                            The American juggernaut / Hilton Kramer / 44
            Barbara Reise
            Editorial Advisory Committee:             Correspondence / 45
            J.P.Hodin (International relations)
            Alan Bowness                              News and notes / 46
            Andrew Forge
            David Thompson                            The sociology of knowledge / Jonathan Benthall / 47
            International Advisory Panel:
            Argentina: Jorge Romero Brest             Andy Warhol and Elvis Presley / John Coplans / 49
            Austria: Georg Eisler
            Belgium: Michael Seuphor                  Andy Warhol as a film maker / Paul Morrissey interviewed by Derek Hill / 57
            Brazil: Mario Pedrosa
            Canada: David Silcox                      Strindberg and the arts / Tore Hakansson / 62
            France: Jacques Lassaigne
            Germany: Dr Werner Schmalenbach           Interview with Konrad Fischer / Georg Jappe / 68
            Holland: Prof. A.M.Hammacher
            Israel: Haim Gamzu
            Italy: Prof. G.C.Argan                    UK commentary / Timothy Hilton / 72
            Japan: Shuzo Takiguchi
            Scandinavia : Leif Ostby                  Sydney commentary / Donald Brook / 76
            Spain: Alejandro Cirici-Pellicer
            Switzerland: Dr Carola Gideon-Welcker     Linguistics: an eye-witness account / Gareth Jones / 81
            USA: Thomas M.Messer; J.J.Sweeney
            Yugoslavia: Aleksa Celebonovic            Inno 7o / John Latham / 85

            Studio International (Incorporating The Studio),   Contributors to this issue        PAUL MORRISSEY has worked for several years with
            37 Museum Street, London WCI (01-405 3956; cable                                     Andy Warhol and directed Flesh
            address `Studioart' London WCI) is published 11
            times a year by Cory, Adams & Mackay Limited.                                        TORE HAKANSSON is a Swedish behavioural
            Distributed in the UK by National Magazine Co Ltd,                                   anthropologist who has travelled extensively in the
            22 Armoury Way, London SW18.                                                         Caribbean and Africa
            Great Britain: Single copy price as. (9op) Annual   SUZI GABLIK recently published a book on Magritte
            subscription (II issues; special July/August number)   (Thames & Hudson and The New York Graphic   GEORG JAPPE is art critic of the Frankfurter Allgemeine
              os od (postage paid). Subscriptions may be booked   Society). Her own work will be exhibited in March at   Zeitung.
            from your local bookseller or direct through the   the Henri Gallery, Washington D.C.
            Subscription Department, W. & J. Mackay & Co Ltd,                                    KONRAD FISCHER runs a gallery in Düsseldorf and was
            Fair Row, Chatham, Kent. Students rate £5 os od on   ANDREW HIGGENS teaches art history and   responsible for the Prospect exhibitions at the
            application to Subscription Department only.   complementary studies at St Martin's and Maidstone   Kunsthalle.
            USA: Single copy price $2.50. Subscription price   Colleges of Art and at Willesden Polytechnic.
            US and possessions and Canada $23 for one year                                       TIMOTHY HILTON'S `anti-history of English culture',
              issues), $42 for 2 years (22 issues). US and                                       A Slice of Hairy Pie, will be published by Weidenfeld
            Canadian enquiries should be directed to USA Office,   HILTON KRAMER is art critic of The New York Times.   and Nicolson next year.
            Studio International, 155 West 15th Street, New York,
            NY 10011 National news-stand distribution by   JONATHAN BENTHALL is lecture programme organizer   DONALD BROOK is art critic of the Sydney Morning
            Eastern News Distributors Inc., 155 West 15th Street.   at the ICA, London.          Herald and a senior lecturer at the Power Institute of
            Second Class postage paid at New York, NY.
            Overseas subscriptions other than in USA and   JOHN COPLANS was, until recently, director of the   Fine Arts in the University of Sydney.
            Canada : £9 os od inclusive of postage.   Pasadena Art Museum, and organized the Andy   GARETH JONES teaches at St Martins School of Art. The
            Agents : S. Africa : Central News Agency Limited.   Warhol exhibition which opens this month at the
            Australia: Gordon & Gotch. New Zealand: Whitcomb                                     complete work to which his article refers will be
            & Tombs.                                  Tate Gallery. His article is a chapter from a forth-  exhibited at the Serpentine Gallery in August.
                                                      coming book, Andy Warhol, to be published soon by
            Printed by the proprietors                Paul Bianchini, New York.                  JOHN LATHAM calls himself a professor of nonentity,
            W. & J. Mackay & Co Ltd                   DEREK HILL, ex-critic, is director of The New Cinema   and is known in Europe and America for his works
                                                                                                 made with books. Inno 7o centres on the
            Chatham, Kent                             Club and programme controller of the ICA Cinema.   interrelationships between art and economics.
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