Page 16 - Studio International - February 1971
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Although many of these visionary projects are   the rubbish and laughing matter of today's   News and notes
     `impractical' and are not readily realizable at this   American art. This crude, mindless, wasteful,
     time, they nevertheless are of great importance,   biggest in the world-thing. One may be pardoned,
     for they may stimulate the imagination of those   if one doubts whether it is possible to find positive
     who control our destinies, and suggest what might   trends in those tracings. It must surely be an   The Andy Warhol exhibition opens at the
     be done if only they were able to apply their   illusion that as a leading art magazine you do a   Tate Gallery on 17 February and is restricted, at
     intelligence to making this a better world for   purposeful deed to modern art with all this.   his own request, to five of his major themes: The
     people to live in.                        Where do we capture the truth or parody, the   Soup Cans, The Brillo Boxes, The Portraits
       I hope to contribute to the realization of some   delightful or the sorrowful, the individual ?   (including-Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy,
     of these projects, particularly to those which are   Where do we encompass the mystic vision of   Liz Taylor, Elvis Presley and Warhol himself),
     susceptible of diffusion over television.   beatitude ?-By serving the 200 USA art   The Disasters and The Flowers. After the Tate,
       Most important of all, I feel that I must try to   museums, which are afraid to be left behind the   it will be shown in New York. The Warhol print
     put to maximum social use whatever I possess in   newest fashion of latest eccentric gimmick. By   retrospective opens this month at the Mayfair
     the way of training, ability and experience (and I   accepting every technical new to be art.   Gallery.
     have gained much in the eleven years I have   The arts have hardly to conform to the demands
     operated my Gallery here).                of ideology of today's negative hippie-world. One   `Art & Technology' on BBC
       I cannot stand idly by when the existence of   would always be late catching the buses anyhow.   The BBC will be showing five 25-minute
     our society and ourselves as individuals is so   By all means search for the truth of life, search   programmes over channel i on the theme of 'Art
     darkly threatened. I sense and feel deeply the   for caricature, search for the absurd,-but do not   and Technology', on Sundays, February 14, 21
     problems that menace us, but this does not mean   make yourself absurd by cudgelling everything   and 28, and March 7 and 14 at 11.35 am. Tony
     that I am a pessimist. On the contrary, I believe   else.                           Cash, the producer writes: 'The series is
     that these problems are soluble, if only we will use   `Only fantasy has eternal youth. What happens   primarily concerned with two problems-how
     our heads and our hearts with determination and   nowhere and never can never age.' - Schiller.   artists use various technologies and how they
     apply our vital energies towards their resolution.   Lauri Nila                      react to the products of technology. Some artists
     After all, our brains have gotten us into this mess,   Malaga                       are content to exploit the possibilities of new
     and our brains can get us out of it, if only we use                                 materials, like glass fibre. Others feel it is
     them. I intend to do whatever I can to this end.   Film-makers Cooperative           pointless to compete with modern technology in
       I wish to express my deep gratitude to all   The London Filmmakers Cooperative, existent   producing visual thrills. They emphasize the
     those who, by their interest and support, have   for several years, with over 250 underground/   primacy of idea over object. In between are artists
     contributed to the success of the Gallery.   experimental/independent films in distribution,   who see their salvation in spectator participation:
     Howard Wise                               is producing a new catalogue and any filmmaker/   their works may be read as toys or games.'
     Howard Wise Gallery                       artist who would like to place film in the   The provisional content of the five programmes
     New York                                  distribution centre is welcome to do so. Please   will be as follows :
     P.S. My new address is 2 West 13 Street, New   write in relevant details (length, subject, rental,   Programme I: Kinetics
     York, N.Y. 10011                                                                    A group of students were filmed playing with the
                                               stills, etc.) as soon as possible, as the catalogue
                                               will be out by the end of February. Important to   exhibits at the recent kinetics exhibition at the
     Greenberg in Australia                    note is the LFMC is the only film distribution   Hayward Gallery. After the film they discussed
     Just a minor point. Dr Donald Brook (September   centre in Britain which is nonprofit and is run by   with Theo Crosby (who devised the exhibition)
     1970) is fairly correct in saying that most local art   the filmmakers, and which pays the filmmaker   some of the questions this sort of art raises, in
     critics greeted Clement Greenberg's visit to   6o per cent and uses 4o per cent for running costs   particular how the kinetic exhibits should be
     Australia in 1968 as though it were the second   (mailing, secretary, phone service, etc). Pretty   classified.
     coming. One young critic, who shall for his own   soon we hope to have it so the filmmaker/artist   Programme 2 : Three-Man Show
     good go nameless, rhapsodized grandiloquently,   gets  75   per cent. Remember also that every film is   This programme shows three artists' different
     `It exaggerates nothing to claim that Mr   accepted by the co-op. (And there's a workshop.   uses of technology. It consists of two films
     Greenberg's taste [that latter-day philosopher's   And screenings.)                 showing the sculpture of Garth Evans; and Bruce
     stone] has become the main guideline for our   Peter Gidal                          Lacey's 'joke' humanoids. Then David Hall's use
     assessment of contemporary art'. Some of us   LFMC                                  of film, including some extracts from his film
     antipodeans have this inferiority complex about   Robert Street                      Vertical and from an as yet unfinished 'cloud
     overseas culture-heroes (and conversely a   London NW1                              piece' film.
     superiority complex about our own overseas                                          Programme 3: Computers
     culture-heroes such as Sidney Nolan); it's known                                    The first part of this programme deals with the
     as 'cultural cringing' (and conversely `knocking').   Oskar Schlemmer               work of Colin Sheffield who has access to a
     But not all brandished their palm branches thus.   The Oskar Schlemmer Archives are preparing a   computer at Time Sharing Ltd. With the firm's
     If I may blow my own trumpet, along with Dr   complete catalogue raisonné of Oskar   programmers he has devised a number of modules
     Brook I expressed in a contemporaneous issue of   Schlemmer's works. In the interest of scientific   which the computer can generate on a random
     Nation some serious misgivings as to the ideology   completeness we would request owners   basis to produce a almost limitless variety of
     underlying Greenberg's criticism, which I   (excepting collectors and museums already in   designs. He has also constructed a painting
     personally found rather limited. For this   contact with us) to forward to us the titles and   machine which can be powered by a computer.
     lèse-majesté, I was promptly despatched by the master   descriptions of the artist's works in their   The idea of a module positioned in a partly
     to the regions of outer darkness: I saw art   possession.                           random fashion is not new. Mozart devised a
     through my arse-hole, ran the proscription. Which   Oskar Schlemmer Archiv          couple of pieces of music in which the sequence of
     is I suppose, not quite as bad as Greenberg's own   Staatsgalerie Stuttgart         bars is dictated by the throw of a dice. In the
     more constrictive alternative.            Konrad Adenauer-Strasse 32                second half of this programme Gavin Bryars
     G. R. Lansell (art critic of Nation)      7000 Stuttgart                            explains the Mozart work and performs
     Toorak                                    Germany                                   examples of his own computer-based music. He
     Australia                                                                           has programmed a computer with the rules of
                                               R. Henderson Blyth, RSA, RSW 1919-197o    Latin verse (which are based on rhythms
     Fan mail                                  In connection with a forthcoming exhibition of   comprising long and short elements). The
     The Studio International has quite pother   paintings and drawings by R. Henderson Blyth,   computer can generate an endless flow of
     appearance, luxurious in abundance, in    Ian McKenzie Smith, Director Aberdeen Art   rhythms, a selected portion of which will then be
     comparison of some years ago.             Gallery, Schoolhill, Aberdeen, would appreciate   performed by students in the studio.
     But what teasing contents, what impudent take-  receiving notice of works by this artist in either   The final piece in the programme features
     in. All the hoaxes, photo stunts, gimmicks, all   private or public collections.    seven people in communication with each other
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