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on 14 January. Photo-Graphic Editions Ltd   The sociology
                                                    (9 Jameson Street, W 8) are exhibiting prints
                                                    from their first two portfolios (Victorian   of knowledge
                                                    Photography and Werner Bischof).
                                                    `The Black Experience', a panoramic new   Art and technology 22
                                                    work by Larry Rivers in collaboration with Joe
                                                    Overstreet, Daniel Johnson, Frank Bowling,
                                                    Peter Bradley, William Williams and Ellsworth   Last March I related the work of the British
                                                    Ausby opens this month at the Rice Art Gallery,   Society for Social Responsibility in Science to
                                                    Rice University, Houston, Texas. 'The Black   the question of the artist's social responsibility.
                                                    Experience' depicts events and landmarks in the   Since then the BSSRS has been active and its
                                                    history of the black American people since the
                                                    landing of the first slave ships in North America   reputation is growing. One phrase in my article
                                                    in 1619. Tapes of sounds such as the dipping of   calls for qualification: arguing that 'real
          The back row are listening to sentimental verse   oars in the ocean, music, the voice of Malcolm X,   intelligence' was lacking in the society's
          on the stereophonic tape recorder. They hear   etc., are included, as well as the projection of a   meetings, I contrasted what I meant by 'real
          three voices reciting different verses, one in each   film conceived by poetess June Jordan and   intelligence' with the kind of classifying and
          ear and one in the middle of the head. According   directed by John Chandler entitled `Slavery: The   quantifying mental discipline which many
          to certain instructions they have to track and   Black Man and the Man.' Rivers and his group   sociologists bring to bear on social problems. I
          reproduce one of the voices. In a similar way the   spent seven months preparing the exhibition.
          performers on the second row relay what they   Rivers's work alone includes vast wood sculptures   would now add that there are some social
          hear to the solo performer who, alone in the                                         scientists who are making very intelligent and
                                                    (among them a slave ship), paintings, drawings
          system, is heard by the audience.         and mixed media.                           radical contributions to what is sometimes called
          (Gavin Bryars is a Senior Lecturer in the Fine                                       the sociology of knowledge.
          Art Department of Leicester College of Art;   Several environmental works (by Cruz-Diez,   One relevance of such research to art may be
          he originally trained as a philosopher.)   Le Parc, Sobrino and Soto) not previously seen   summed up by a warning recently uttered by the
          Programme 4: Gerry Schum                  in Britain are on show at the Modern Art   biologist Brian Goodwin, who was discussing
          This programme consists of an interview, lasting   Museum, Oxford, together with other new works   how the gap between the arts and the Sciences
          about five minutes, with Gerry Schum about his   and a dozen pieces recently shown in the   may be bridged:
          video gallery and will include Barry Flanagan's   Hayward Gallery's 'Kinetics' exhibition. At the   `In this effort, there is a constant danger that
          piece from 'Land Art' — Hole in the Sea—as well   same time, the Bear Lane Gallery, Oxford, is
          as a number of pieces from 'Identifications' —  exhibiting multiples from Galerie Denise René.   the gap will be bridged by the reduction of art to
          probably a selection of the following: Joseph                                        the style of "objective" science, a sort of
          Beuys, Ulrich Ruckriehm, Hamish Fulton,   The third Brussels International Book Fair   "objective" art which is dedicated to the
          Gilbert & George, Daniel Buren, Ger van Elk,   opens on 13 March. It is open to all publishers of   elimination of all human bias or subjectivity in
          Keith Sonnier, Richard Serra, Lawrence Weiner.   books, engravings and periodicals, as well as to   its composition. The detailed exploration of
          These will be shown continuously without breaks,   the manufacturers of audio-visual equipment.   certain visual effects or the generation of purely
          editing etc. after the interview with Schum.   Exhibitors will include not only publishers from   random tonal sequences by computers can
          [An article on Gerry Schum's work was included   all countries but also professional circles directly   expand our range of sensitivity; but they can
          in the January issue of Studio International.]   involved with graphic art.          also become deliberate evasions of the central
          Programme 5: Concept                                                                 issue: an understanding and representation of
          Victor Burgin has prepared a script for this   The Grabowski Gallery's exhibition (84 Sloane   our total being, of our experience and knowledge
          programme. It is not yet known what form the   Avenue, London SW3) which opened in   of ourselves and the world. This is the only
          programme will take.                      January shows some examples of the present
                                                    trends in art which have been exhibited there.   possible valid goal of art; and it is also the only
                                                    The aim is to give the public an opportunity to   possible valid goal of science.'1[my italics].
          The Angela Flowers Gallery in London held a
          postcard exhibition last month which is going on   compare contemporary trends.        Dr Goodwin does not commit himself to
          to Wolverhampton Art Gallery (mid-February to   The 1971 Berlin International Art Fair will   deciding whether or not science is objective.
          mid-March). It includes original designs for   be held from 29 April to 2 May. A large number   This question is the subject of much debate at
          postcards by a number of well-known       of European and American galleries will be   present. T. S. Kuhn sometimes appears to argue
          contemporary artists (Richard Hamilton, David   represented.                         that scientific objectivity is illusory: that, for
          Hockney, Tom Phillips, Peter Blake and others).                                      instance, when a major scientific revolution
          There is an interesting selection of postcards   Corrections                        occurs a new world is, literally, created. For 'we
                                                    Dutch commentary: drawings in Holland by
          from artists to other artists (Derek Boshier to   Carel Blotkamp Dec. 197o          are all deeply accustomed to seeing science as the
          Rory McEwen, Diter Rot to Richard Hamilton).   p. 249 Captions on the two drawings by Armando   one enterprise that draws constantly nearer to
          Ian Breakwell will stage an event at the gallery on   were interchanged. The smaller drawing dates
          10 February from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm in which   from /96o, not 197o.                some goal set by nature in advance. But need
          six heavyweight shovellers will shovel mounds of   p. 25o fig. 5: the owners of Gilbert and George's   there be any such goal ? Can we not account for
          earth in a circle, with periodic breaks for rest until   SCULPTURE FOR ART & PROJECT   both science's existence and its success in terms
          6.00 pm, when large candles will be lit between   BULLETIN 20 are Mr & Mrs van Eelen not   of evolution from the community's state of
                                                    van Ellen
          mounds to be extinguished at 7.00. Passers-by                                       knowledge at any given time ?'  2
          should be able to see on video.           In Gareth Jones's article in this issue, the second   Kuhn's arguments have generated much
                                                    plate on the first page is upside down. The last line   academic heat, but the debate does not seem yet
          The Photographers Gallery (8 Great        of the tenth paragraph should read : For reasons of   to have been aired in the public arena. For
          Newport Street, WC2) which opened last month   accuracy and facility the new writing paper is machine-  instance we find Lord Snow reasserting
                                                    produced, the sounds which are drawn being clearly
          is the first public gallery in London that will hold   seen as man-made distortions within the circles.   recently, without any sense of controversy, that
          continual exhibitions of photographs. Much of
                                                                                              `Science is cumulative, and embodies its past'  3
          what is exhibited will be for sale, as well as   In Jonathan Benthall's article for the January issue,   (the conventional theory, which Kuhn
          photographers' original prints, and a selection of   p. 8, last paragraph but two, the last line should read
          posters, magazines, catalogues and books. Their   `Atget and Leger'.                criticizes at length) in support of his treasured
          first show, The Concerned Photographer (Robert   In the article 'Art on TV' in the January issue the   distinction between two kinds of understanding
          Capa, Werner Bischof, Leonard Freed, Lewis W.   captions to illustrations 4 and 5 on p. 31 were   . . . two ways of dealing with experience . . .
          Hine, David Seymour and Dan Weiner) opened    transposed.                           two kinds of knowledge ' —the humanist
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