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Studio International

          Incorporating 'The Studio', Founded 1893
                                                    July/August 1971 Volume 182 Number 935

          Editor: Peter Townsend                    Cover: Sketch for Zing 1970 by Bridget Riley
          Assistant Editor: Charles Harrison
          Art Director: Malcolm Lauder              What is reality ? The theme of Documenta 5 / Georg Jappe / 2
          Advertisement Manager: Thelma Watt        This spring in West Germany / Robert Kudielka / 3
          Contributing Editors:                     Science in art / Marcello Salvadori / 4
          Dore Ashton (New York)
          Jean Clay (Paris)                         Correspondence / 4
          Frank Whitford
          Barbara Reise                             News and Notes / 7
          Editorial Advisory Committee:             Experimental art: Stubbs to Sonfist / Jonathan Benthall I 7
          J.P.Hodin (International relations)       Sydney : art in the universities / Donald Brook / 9
          Alan Bowness
          Andrew Forge                              `True Patriot Love': Joyce Wieland at the National Gallery of Canada /
          David Thompson                            Bridget Riley / David Thompson / 16
          International Advisory Panel:
          Argentina : Jorge Romero Brest            Three shows at the Hayward:
          Austria: Georg Eisler                     Hodler and Böcklin / Frank Whitford / 22
          Belgium: Michael Seuphor                  Henri Laurens / William Tucker / 24
          Brazil: Mario Pedrosa
          Canada: David Silcox                      Letter from Bucharest / Radu Varia / 26
          France: Jacques Lassaigne                 A tail of two exhibitions / Barbara Reise / 3o
          Germany: Dr Werner Schmalenbach
          Holland: Prof. A.M.Hammacher              Background to the foreground : the Haacke exhibition history / Edward Fry
          Israel: Haim Gamzu                        and Thomas M. Messer / 3o
          Italy: Prof. G.C.Argan
          Japan: Shuzo Takiguchi                    `Which is in fact what happened' / Thomas M. Messer in an interview with
          Scandinavia: Leif Ostby                   Barbara Reise r34
          Spain: Alejandro Cirici-Pellicer          The limits of collecting / ,Sir Norman Reid / 38
          Switzerland: Dr Carola Gideon-Welcker
          USA: Thomas M.Messer; J.J.Sweeney         Three early African sculptures / 4o
          Yugoslavia: Aleksa Celebonovic
                                                    Supplement : new and recent art books / Reviews by Mark Haworth-Booth,
                                                    Jonathan Benthall, Alan Bowness, Timothy Clark, Richard Cork, Peter Gidal,
                                                    Andrew Higgens, Timothy Hilton, Frank Whitford / 41

          Studio International (Incorporating The Studio),   Contributors to this issue       BARBARA mass is a contributing editor to Studio
          37 Museum Street, London WCI (Editorial 01-405                                      International.
          3957; Advertising 01-40 5 3956 ; cable address   GEORG JAPPE is art critic of the Frankfurter Allgemeine
          `Studioart' London WCI) is published II times a
          year by Cory, Adams & Mackay Limited. Distributed   Zeitung.                        EDWARD FRY was until recently a curator at the
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          Agents: S. Africa: Central News Agency Limited.
          Australia: Gordon & Gotch. New Zealand: Whitcomb   FRANK WHITFORM  is the author of a book on
          & Tombs.                                  Expressionism, published recently by Paul Hamlyn.
                                                    WILLIAM TUCKER is a sculptor and a regular contributor
          Printed by the proprietors                to Studio International.
          W. & J. Mackay & Co Ltd                   RADU VARIA lives in Bucharest and is a well-known
          Chatham, Kent                             Rumanian critic.
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