Page 20 - Studio International - January 1965
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Gallery going in Toronto

                               by  Dennis Young

                               Summer  or  winter the  sky  is  monotonous  blue.  You1   fourth year running, a ticket to 'the Gardens'  (collar and
                               astro-jet  circles  over  super  highways  and  gleaming  tie de rigueur) has more cachet than one to the Toronto
                               high-rise  apartments;  you  take  in  water-front  sky­  Symphony.  But  Toronto  does  have  a  symphony
                               scrapers  with  eyes  squinted against the  dazzle  of  the  orchestra  (under  Walter  Susskind);  and  its  achieve­
                               lake, and sweep down to the continent's newest airport  ments multiply, from heavyweight George Chuvalo and
                               over an  ever  growing  ring  of  landscaped  and  pastel­  last year's winner of the  Kentucky Derby to its remark­
                               shaded suburbs.  Not  seventy minutes from  New York  able  taverns  where you  can  hear the  best jazz on  the
                               by 727, you are landing in one of the great boom towns  continent (Earl Hines and Oscar Peterson are performing
                               of the Commonwealth.                               in two of them as I write).  It has a fine arts radio and a
                                Only some twenty years ago.  Wyndham  Lewis could  new  French  language  radio  which  interviewed  Man

                               characterize Toronto as a sanctimonious ice box;  and   Ray in its first week; it runs two TV networks and three
                               yet today Tor onto sparkles-and spends per capita twice   18  oz.  newspapers;  and,  outdoing almost every other
                               as  much  on  construction  as  any  other  city  of  North  city  on  the  continent  it  has  thirty-five  art  galleries,  a
                               America.  Two  million  Torontonians  have  hit  the  big  third  of  which  rank  with  the  best  in  New  York  or
                               time;  this last bastion  of  Calvin  has fallen,  you might   London.
                               say, to the trumpets of conspicuous consumption, and   Although  there  are  indications  that  the  graph  may
                               in a brief ten years the arts, obedient to  The  Theory of  soon level out this impressive number is still growing:
       Michael  Snow           the Leisure  Classes.  have risen to claim their own.   in the commercial sector, no doubt from the attraction
       Venus Simuhaneous. 1962   Of course,  the  supreme  art remains ice  hockey,  and,   of  profits-for.  even  if  the  market  is  at  some  points
       118  X  79  X  8  1n.
       The Art Gallery of Toronto   with  the  Maple  Leafs  likely  world  champions  for  the  slow,  profits there  have certainly  been,  and the  room
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