Page 22 - Studio International - January 1965
P. 22

Richard  Gorman
       Spitfire,  1963
       84  X  69 in.
       Isaacs  Gallery

                                Next door to the Ontario College of Art, the municipal  which  in  the  last fourteen  years  has  raised  $154,000
                              gallery has just ended a decade of remarkable progress.  for  the  same  end.  Thus  the  gallery  has  been  able  to
                              Until  ten  years  ago  its  acquisitions  came  only  from  develop  in  harmony  with  the  city's  new mood,  until
                              bequests or from endowments that could be spent on  today,  for  instance.  among  a  dozen  fine  works  from
                              Canadian  art  alone.  But,  although  there  is  still  no  contemporary  New  York,  it  can  boast  a  masterpiece
                              purchase  grant from  official  sources,  in  1954  certain  like Robert Indiana's Demuth American Dream Number
                              supporters set up a foundation that now provides over   Five.
                              $60,000 annually for foreign purchase; and since 1945   'AG.T.,'  as  it  is known,  has also  tackled the task of
                              the gallery has been blessed with that uniquely  North  finding a new persona by mounting a number of spec­
                              American  'let's  go·  group,  the  Women's  Committee,  tacular exhibitions,  in  which last year was particularly
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