Page 21 - Studio International - January 1965
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for speculation is still large.  One gallery has tripled its  because  of  its  particular  role  on  the  campus  can  be
                                  turnover  twice  in  ten  years  and  others  can  quote  an  uninhibited in what it may  show.  Hart  House  also has
                                  annual increase that runs well into five figures.   a sculpture  court,  adorned throughout Toronto's long.
                                   Public involvement follows the commercial lead. It is a  hot summer with works from local private collections.
                                  well established practice for synagogues, churches and  Victoria  College  runs  a  similar  gallery,  and  the  new
                                  local libraries to hold one man exhibitions, and business  airport, like all those in  Canada, is well endowed with
          Greg  Curnoe            corporations  are  entering  the field  at another level  as  Canadian painting and sculpture of the 'sixties as well
          With Jack at the Royal Alex   large scale collectors.                     as  its  three  unforgettable  Eskimo  collossi  from  Cape
         Mens Store,  1964         One  of  the  most  valuable  influences  on  the  public
         96  X  96 in.                                                              Dorset.  And  tucked  away  on  the  edge  of  bustling
          David  Mirvish Gallery   scene  is  Toronto  University's  Hart  House,  which   Chinatown is the Art  Gallery of Toronto.  continuedoverlear
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