Page 5 - Studio International - October 1965
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               Text by MAURICE DRUON, translated by HUMPHREY HARE
              Captions by ANNABEL BUFFET, translated by A. M. SHERIDAN-SMITH
              A brilliant kaleidoscopic study of the man who was a legend before he was
               thirty, with copious illustrations in colour and black and white showing
              Buffet in his many moods and giving examples of his work.   70s

             until  16  October
              South  African Artists

             paintings and sculpture
              Isms of Twentieth

              Century  Art                   19  October-12 November

             Azaz  sculpture                 26 October-16  November
                                 Grosvenor Gallery                                 THE EMBRACE              Stone.  Height:  1  fl. 6 ins.
                                                                                          From a private collection.  A.  W.  Geneva.
                                 28/30  Davies Street W1
              Daily 10-6         MA Yfai r 0891
                                                                                       Lily Aurenche
             Sat. 10-1           Telegrams  Sevenartz  London


                                                                              THIS  work  was recently  shown  during  the  'Salon  Inter­
                                        MAURICE  JADOT                        national'  at  the  'Musee  d'Art  Moderne·  in  Paris  where
                                                                              it  received  the  'Dipl6me  d'Honneur'.  Lily  Aurenche  has
                                                                              sculptured  busts  of  a  number  of  outstanding  figures  in
                                        new reliefs and sculpture             the  cinema,  theatre  and  literary  world,  including  Brigitte
                                                                              Bardot,  Andre  Cayatte  and  Jean  Delannoy,  for  which
                                                                              she was awarded prizes at the  'Salon  Officiel des Artistes
                                                                              Francais'  in  Paris.  Examples  of  her  work  were  included
                                        October 5th-October 30th              in an exhibition entitled ·oe la comedie a la peinture· held
                                                                              at  Cannes  during  the  1963  Film  Festival.  She has also
                                        MOL TON GALLERY                       taken  part  in  the  1 st  'Salon  International  des  Createurs
                                                                              d'Art'  which  was  held  in  Menton  from  August  7  to
                                                                              September  12.
                                        Mayfair 2482
                                        44  South  Molton  Street,  London,  W.1

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