Page 8 - Studio International - October 1965
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                                                     - -- ----

                                                                          �            D  D E E

                                                                                                   {) E E

                                                                                                              I        I

                                                      ER i         42µ1
                                                       tl�  I  1 OH""fl  �JC11H(  Silf  P
                                                        wo,�r,1  lR1�1HR  IJ'  tl"•P)                              B648
                                                         3C DDEEEE

                                                                                      �EE E E


                       . \

     Rub down ... peel off ... save  money

                                People brought up on hand lettering are saving up to  £50 with every 7 /6  sheet of  Letraset  Instant  Lettering
     Is  the  expense  of  hand  lettering   How  Letraset works.To apply   Where  to  use  Letraset. Letra­  The  Letraset  Range. There  are
     really  necessary  when  Letraset   Letraset,  just  choose  the  type­  set is not just for finished artwork.   800  different  Letraset  sheets
     Instant Lettering could do the job   face and size you want, place it in   It  can  be  used  on  almost  any   which  cover  73  different  type­
     at a fraction of the time and cost?   position, then rub down ... peel   smooth surface ... glass,  paper,   faces,  most  of  them  in  all  point
     Letraset  Instant  Lettering  is  a   off. With no fuss or mess the letter   metal,  wood,  plaster,  paint;  for   sizes. Also available are company
     revolutionary  dry  transfer  tech­  transfers  immediately  and  per­  graphs,  charts,  exhibitions,  dis­  logos  in  any  colour,  to  any  size.
     nique that can be applied in a few   fectly. Every  sort  of  lettering  job   play  cards,  slide  presentations,   Letraset is far cheaper than photo­
     seconds-and the finished results   can  be  done  quickly,  accurately   notices,  labelling,  promotions,   prints, typesetter's pulls and hand
     look just  like printing.  It is avail­  and  economically  with  Letraset   brochures and countless other in­  lettering-and much quicker too.
     able  in  a  large  number  of  faces   Instant Lettering.    dustrial and commercial  applica­
     and sizes.                                                    tions. Wherever you need a high
                                                                   standard of professional lettering,
                                                                   Letraset can do the job. You'll get
                                                                   perfect  results  and  save  money

                                      FREE  SAMPLE  For  a  free  sample  of
                                      Letraset Instant Lettering and a copy   POSITION IN  COMPANY ..
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                                      Dept. SI 2/65  Letraset  Limited,  195/
                                      203 Waterloo Road, S.E.1.
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