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Studio International

           Incorporating 'The Studio', Founded 1893
                                                      April 1971 Volume 181 Number 932

           Editor: Peter Townsend                    The artist's reserved rights transfer and sale agreement / the background /
           Assistant Editor: Charles Harrison        Seth Siegelaub / 142
           Business Manager: Czeslaw Szymborski
           Art Director: Malcolm Lauder              Arnolfini Gallery; io years in Bristol I Jeremy Rees / 144
           Advertisement Manager: Thelma Watt
           Contributing Editors:                     Correspondence / 145
           Dore Ashton (New York)
           Jean Clay (Paris)                         News and Notes / 146
           Frank Whitford
           Barbara Reise                             Bochner and photography / Jonathan Benthall / 147
           Editorial Advisory Committee:             Art in Revolution: Soviet art in the twenties / Peter Wollen / 15o
           J.P.Hodin (International relations)
           Alan Bowness                              The development of the theory of Socialist Realism in Russia; 1917 to 1932 /
           Andrew Forge                              Andrew Higgens / 154
           David Thompson
           International Advisory Panel:             Berlin Dada / John Elderfield and Raoul Hausmann / 160
           Argentina: Jorge Romero Brest
           Austria: Georg Eisler                     Coloured food / Peter Kuttner / 166
           Belgium: Michael Seuphor
           Brazil: Mario Pedrosa                     Events by Antoni Miralda and Dorothée Selz / 167
           Canada: David Silcox
           France: Jacques Lassaigne                 The House of the Vienna Secession movement / Peter and Klara Hautmann / 168
           Germany: Dr Werner Schmalenbach
           Holland: Prof. A.M.Hammacher              The shape's the thing; paintings by John Walker / Dore Ashton / 170
           Israel: Haim Gamzu
           Italy: Prof. G.C.Argan                    Standpoints / Daniel Buren / 181
           Japan: Shuzo Takiguchi                    An introduction to 'Art and Technology' / Maurice Tuchman / 173
           Scandinavia: Leif Ostby
           Spain: Alejandro Cirici-Pellicer          The artist's reserved rights transfer and sale agreement / 186
           Switzerland: Dr Carola Gideon-Welcker
           USA: Thomas M.Messer; J.J.Sweeney         Inno 70 / John Latham / 189
           Yugoslavia: Aleksa Celebonovic

           Studio International (Incorporating The Studio),   Contributors to this issue        ANTONI MIRALDA and DOROTHEE SELZ have organized
           37 Museum Street, London WC1 (01-405 3956; cable                                     coloured food feasts and events. Miralda had a one-man
           address `Studioart' London WC1) is published 11                                      exhibition at Galleria del Naviglio, Milan. They have
           times a year by Cory, Adams & Mackay Limited.   SETH SIEGLAUB, former organizer and publisher of art   also recently held a joint exhibition in Chicago.
           Distributed in the UK by National Magazine Co Ltd,   exhibitions, was guest editor and organizer of the
           22 Armoury Way, London SW18.              July/August Studio International exhibition/book.   PETER and KLARA HAUTMANN are architects working in
           Great Britain : Single copy price Sop. Annual   Together with Robert Pojanski he has worked to   Vienna; they produced a model of the Vienna
           subscription (I1 issues; special July/August number)   produce the artist's reserved rights transfer and sale
           £9.00 (postage paid). Subscriptions may be booked   agreement published in this issue.   Secession building for the Royal Academy's
           from your local bookseller or direct through the                                    Secession exhibition in London.
           Subscription Department, W. & J. Mackay & Co Ltd,   JEREMY REES is director of the Arnolfini Gallery.   DORE ASHTON lives in New York and is a regular
           Fair Row, Chatham, Kent. Students rate £5.00 on                                      contributor to Studio International.
           application to Subscription Department only.   JONATHAN BENTHALL is lecture programmes organizer
           USA: Single copy price $2.50. Subscription price   for the ICA.                     DANIEL BUREN is a French artist whose most recent
           US and possessions and Canada $23 for one year                                      exhibitions have been at the Museum of
           (11 issues), $42 for 2 years (22 issues). US and   PETER WOLLEN is the author of Signs and Meaning in
           Canadian enquiries should be directed to USA Office,   the Cinema, published by Seeker and Warburg in   Mönchen-Gladbach (including 14 towns in West
           Studio International, 155 West 15th Street, New York,   1969, and is working at the moment on a book on the   Germany), and at the 6th Guggenheim International
           NY toot'. National news-stand distribution by   avant garde.                        Exhibition (a group show from which his work was
           Eastern News Distributors Inc., i55 West 15th Street.                               withdrawn). He is currently exhibiting at the Galerie
           Second Class postage paid at New York, NY.   ANDREW HIGGENS teaches art history and   Folke Skulima in Berlin, and will be exhibiting at the
           Overseas subscriptions other than in USA and   complementary studies at St Martin's and Maidstone   Wide White Space Gallery, Antwerp, in May. His
           Canada: £9.00 inclusive of postage.       Colleges of Art and at Willesden Polytechnic.   article 'Beware' was published in the March 1970
           Agents: S. Africa: Central News Agency Limited.                                     issue of Studio International.
           Australia: Gordon & Gotch. New Zealand: Whitcomb   JOHN ELDERFIELD is a painter and art historian,
           & Tombs.                                                                            MAURICE TUCHMAN is senior curator, Modern Art, at
                                                     currently at Yale University on a Harkness
                                                     Fellowship.                               the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Among the
                                                                                               exhibitions he has organized there since 1965 are 'The
                                                     RAOUL HAUSMANN, the veteran Dada poet, artist and   New York School' (1965), a major Kienholz
                                                     activist, died earlier this year.          exhibition (1966), 'American sculpture of the Sixties'
                                                                                                (1967), and a Chaim Soutine retrospective (1968).
                                                     PETER KUTTNER organizes multi-media and Open air
           Printed by the proprietors                events with WHSHT (World Health, Sanity & Hygiene   JOHN LATHAM calls himself a professor of nonentity,
                                                                                                and is known in Europe and America for his works
           W. & J. Mackay & Co Ltd                   Trust), and provides coloured food (`edible rainbow'   made with books, Inno 7o centres on the inter-
                                                     `to be eaten on any occasion from community tea
           Chatham, Kent                             parties to theatre festivals'.             relationship between art and economics.
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