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Studio International

          Incorporating 'The Studio' Founded 1893    July/August 1973 Volume 186 Number 957

          Editor: Peter Townsend                    Cover:  specially designed for this issue by Tom Phillips
          Managing Director: Brian Rushton
          Assistant Editor : John McEwen            The artist as an individual: the Artists' Union in Holland /   a discussion
          Assistant Editor (Production): Irena Oliver
          Editorial Secretary: Zabelle Stenton      between Barry Martin and Bob Boneas / 2
          Art Director: Tony Garrett
          Advertisement Manager: Martin Rewcastle   Nouns, gerunds, and participial adjectives: Emile de Antonio's Painters
          Advertising assistant: Janine Szynkman    painting /   Mich Tuchmann /   4
          Contributing Editors:
          Dore Ashton (New York)                    Directing the ICA: six paths to optimism /   Peter Cook / 6
          Jean Clay (Paris)
          Frank Whitford                            William Turnbull - painter and sculptor /   Bernard Cohen / 9
          Charles Harrison
          Tim Hilton
                                                    Adolf Loos: the new vision /  Joseph Rykwert / 17
          Editorial Advisory Committee:
          J. P. Hodin (International relations)     The work of Robert Young /   Paul White / 22
          Alan Bowness
          Andrew Forge                              Gravity, Rodin, Degas  /William Tucker / 25
          David Thompson
          Joseph Rykwert
          John Golding                              Pavel Filonov /   John E. Bowlt / 3o

          Publishers:                               Review / 37
          Michael Spens
          D. Thomas Bergen (USA)
                                                    Supplement Summer 1973: new and recent art books /   Cyril Barrett,
          US Advertisement Representative:          Roger Cardinal, Timothy Craig, Toni Del Renzio, Andrew Dewdney, Cecilia
          Paul Shanley                              Dresser, Andrew Forge, Rosemary Main, John Tagg, Frank Whitford / 49
          51 East 78th Street
          New York City
          New York 10021
          Tel: (212) 628-3333

          International Advisory Panel:             Contributors to this issue                 PAUL WHITE, a member of Churchill College,
                                                                                               Cambridge, is writing a PhD thesis on the
          Argentina : Jorge Romero Brest            BARRY MARTIN, the sculptor teaches at Goldsmith   'History of London Town Planning' and is author
          Austria: Georg Eisler                     College and Croydon College of Art.        of 'On Public View', a selection of London Open-Air
          Belgium: Michael Seuphor                  MICH TUCHMANN has recently completed postgraduate   Sculpture, (Hutchinson, 1971).
          Brazil: Mario Pedrosa                     studies at Yale University, New Haven.
                                                                                               WILLIAM TUCKER, the sculptor, is a regular contributor
          Canada: David Silcox                                                                 on sculpture in Studio International, and teaches at
                                                    PETER cool( is the new Director of the ICA,London.
          France: Jacques Lassaigne                                                            St Martin's School of Art
          Germany: Dr Werner Schmalenbach           BERNARD COHEN, the artist, had a retrospective at the   JOHN E. BOWLT is visiting Professor in the
          Holland: Prof.A. M. Hammacher             Hayward Gallery last year, and is currently working
                                                    on forthcoming exhibitions both here and abroad.   Department of Slavonic Languages at the
          Israel: Haim Gamzu                                                                   University of Texas.
          Italy: Prof.G.C.Argan                     JOSEPH RYKWERT is Professor of Art at the University
          Japan: Shuzo Takiguchi                    of Essex. He has recently published 'Adam's House
          Scandinavia: Leif Ostby                    in Paradise' (Museum of Modern Art, New York)
                                                    and is currently preparing a book on the origins of
          Spain: Alejandro Cirici-Pellicer
                                                    Neo-classical architecture. His article is based on his
          Switzerland : Dr Carola Giedion-Welcker
                                                    preface to 'Adolf Loos, parole nel Vuoto,'   [Contributors to 'Review' and the Supplement are
          USA: Thomas M. Messer                      Adelphi, Milan, 1972.                     listed on p.37 and p.55 respectively.]

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