Page 29 - Studio International - August 1965
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5 Spanish  Painters

                                                                                     Jose  Jardiel  (b.  1928  in  Madrid)
                                                                                     Jose  Jardiel's  drawings  represent  a  reversion  of  the
                                                                                     customary creative process of most painters:  they are
                                                                                     not a prelude  to paintings,  but the result of paintings,
                                                                                     their  quintessence.  In  them  Jardiel  felt  the  need  for
                                                                                     eliminating  the  sensuous  pleasure  of  colour  and
                                                                                     texture,  for exchanging it against the stark and severe
                                                                                     black and white of pen and ink drawing. This elimina­
                                                                                     tion of colour and texture seems to have increased the
                                                                                     feeling of horror and of compassion-elements of every

                                Lucio  Mui\oz   Sanctuary of Aranzazu in Guipuzcoa   Jose Jardiel   Drawing

                                towards the solution of  these problems.
                                 Abstract  forms  gradually  acquire  more  figurative
                                connotations.  Lucio  Munoz  sees  the  problems  of our
                                time, and finds it difficult to separate them from human
                                participation. And so there is  The  Window opening on
                                some mysterious part of the soul, there is  The  House,
                                there  is  the  tragic  Miner  and  the  equally  tragic
                                Martyrdom.  Works of an artist who is searching for his
                                place in a world which has to be improved, a world in
                                which there should be no need for dark and brooding
                                 Lucio  Munoz  has created a style of his own,  a style
                                that is unmistable because of its sincerity.  His style. his
                                strong  artistic  personality,  his  unity  of  purpose,  have
                                given him an important place in the contemporary art of

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