Page 31 - Studio International - August 1965
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5 Spanish  Painters

                                  PHOTO:  STUDtO  C!...AI RAC

                                                                                     Manolo Momp6  (b.  1927 in Valencia)

                                                                                     H. Momp6, or Manalo Momp6, is one of the surprising
                                                                                    elements in Spanish painting.  Or perhaps,  considering
                                                                                    that he comes from Valencia,  which is more Catalonia
                                                                                    than  anything  else,  it  is  not  so  surprising  that  there
                                                                                    should be no sense of impending tragedy and little of
                                                                                    the  biting  irony  usually  found  in  most  contemporary
                                                                                     Spanish painting  Momp6's work has  the  playful  and
                                                                                    childish  gaiety  one  also  comes  across  in  Mir6.
                                                                                      Momp6 pokes fun, but gently.  He laughs with people,
                                                                                    not at them.  He is forever astonished and enchanted by
                                                                                    the  beauty  and  the  joy  of  living,  and  he  likes  to  tell
                                                                                    stories which make people laugh.  To tell these stories
                                                                                    he  uses  colours  and  textures  fairy  tales  are  made  of:
                                                                                    opalescent hues  of mother of pearl,  shapes and signs
                                                                                    that  are  full  of  invention  and  fun.  But  his  apparently
                                                                                    simple canvases are in reality the ultimate in refinement,
                                                                                    a refinement that can only be attained by a spontaneity
                                                                                    that is the result of a masterful  technique.
                                                                                      All this he uses for a very simple purpose: he wants to
                                                                                    capture reality, his reality, and he does it by using form
                                                                                    and colour.  He seems to scatter his ideograms on the
                                                                                    canvas-men and women,  houses  and flowers,  heads
                                                                                    and  feet  He  brings  them  together,  plays  with  them,
                                                                                    distributes  them  over  the  canvas,  with  results  that
                                                                                    show  great  wisdom  and  a  great  understanding  of
                                                                                    human  weaknesses,  an  understanding  which  is  the
                                                                                    prerogative of great poets. And  Manalo Momp6 is the
                                                                                     great  lyrical  painter  to  appear  in  this  generation.
                                   Manalo  Momp6  People in  1he Stree1
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