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                                                                                 Antonio Saura  (b.  1930 in  Huesca)
                                                                                 The Spaniards are the masters of the grand gesture.  It is
                                                                                 to  be  found  in  El  Greco  (a  Spaniard  by  choice),  in
                                                                                 Zurbaran, in Goya, and among others in Antonio Saura.
                                                                                 It is a grand gesture that is neither theatrical, rhetorical
                                                                                 or ridiculous, but natural  and spontaneous, just part of
                                                                                 being a  Spaniard.  It is the result of the constant need
                                                                                 for expressing feelings  and tensions.
                                                                                  Antonio  Saura  has  attained international recognition
                                                                                 and fame because his work communicates his feelings
                                                                                 and his intentions;  because it has reached a universal
                                                                                 level  at  which  these  feelings  and  intentions  become
                                                                                 important  to  all.
                                                                                  Saura's irony  is frequently bitter and cruel,  his many
                                                                                 'Crucifixions'  scream  their  revolt,  instead  of  showing
                                                                                 quiet resignation.  He is an artist who fully accepts the
                                                                                 responsibility of living  NOW,  and who is conscious of
                                                                                 the part he has to play in the contemporary scheme of
                                                                                 things.  He  paints,  but  he  also reads and studies,  and
                                                                                 this  constant  quest gives  a  special  dimension  to  his
                                                                                 work.  Saura communicates this feeling of urgent par­
                                                                                 ticipation,  no matter whether  he shows  in  New  York,
                                                                                 Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Madrid-or Tirnbuctoo.
                                                                                  Saura  expresses  himself  through  many  media:
                                                                                 painting,  drawing,  graphic work of various kinds.  But
                                                                                 the  message  his  work  contains,  and  his  Spanish
                                                                                 gestures, a1·e always tempered by technical knowledge,
                                                                                 by discipline, by intelligent thought-in other words, his
                                                                                 temperament is controlled by his intelligence.  For this
                                                                                 and other reasons,  Antonio  Saura has become one of
                                                                                 the true masters of Spanish art.              ■

                                                                                 Antonio Saura
                                                                                 lmagmary portrait of Goya  1963  Carnegie lns/!tute,  Pitrsburgh

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