Page 30 - Studio International - August 1965
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                                                                              truly great tragedy-first expressed by the Jewish poet
                                                                              Bialik  in  his  great  poem  on  the  'pogroms'  in  czarist
                                                                              Russia  (which Jardiel has read and reread).  and then
                                                                              expressed  to  an  even  greater  degree  in  Jardiel's
                                                                              paintings,  and  particularly  in his drawings.
                                                                                Being  a  Spaniard,  Jardiel  sees  the  drama  of  those
                                                                              happenings,  and having some  Jewish  blood,  he feels
                                                                              their  tragedy.  These  tortured.  burned  and  shrouded
                                                                              shapes  have  lost  any  semblance  of  humanity,  any
                                                                              dignity  that  should  exist  in  death.  They  are  flotsam,
                                                                              enclosed  by  mysterious  walls  and  partitions,  in  inde­
                                                                              finite  space.  At  the  same  time,  they  are  great  tragic
                                                                              figures,  raising  mutilated  arms  in  warning;  faceless,
                                                                              silently screaming symbols of the cruel era of 'pogroms·,
                                                                              of  Auschwitz and  Belsen, of  Hiroshima.
                                                                               The  exhibition  of  Jardiel's  drawings  in  Madrid  was
                                                                              not only  a  major  artistic  event,  but  also  an  important
                                                                              turning point in the artist's career,  as  there can  be no
                                                                              doubt that he has now  become  one of the  best  con­
                                                                              temporary  artists  of  Spain.

                                                                              Jose Jardiel
                                                                              1   Drawing
                                                                              2  Drawing
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