Page 23 - Studio International - June 1965
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Pol  Bury

          Photo André Morain       3

          Photo André Morain      4
                                                                                     low  tufts  of  matted  thread.  The  movement,  the  inter­
                                                                                     action is slow. incredibly slow. a coming and going of
                                                                                     life-like breath breathed in and out, a movement with­
                                                                                     out discernible pattern. The fascination lies partly in the
                                                                                     immaculate craftsmanship of Bury's works, the smooth,
                                                                                     beautifully-worked grained woods, the invisible, almost
                                                                                     imperceptible action of the connecting threads geared to
                                                                                     concealed moving plates activated by electric motors;
                                                                                     the delicately dancing, shifting masses of wire or nails
                                                                                     or twisted metal stems; and partly, too, in the organic
                                                                                    naturalness  of  objects  whose  movements  mirror  an
                                                                                     enchanted.  disturbing world.
                                                                                       Bury's work takes him  beyond the realm of 'kinetic'
                                                                                    sculpture in its usual connotation-that is, the action of
                                                                                    force  in  producing  or  changing  motion,  as  with
                                                                                     Tinguely's  masterfully  contorted  machines  or  Cesar's
                                                                                    crushed  monoliths:  Bury's  constructions  are  kinetic
                                                                                    purely in the sense that the animal and vegetable world
                                                                                    is  kinetic-they  are  essentially  living  things,  cosmic
                                                                                    vibrations.  sharing  the  qualities  and  functions  of  the

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