Page 40 - Studio International - August 1965
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                               by Jean  Cassou

                               When a certain style of painting has become established   when  this  abstract  style  was  born,  this  style  which
                               and when painting itself, in its essence and its integrity   afterwards  was  going  to  absorb  the  act  of  painting
                               is identified with  this style,  it is  interesting to  go  back   completely  and  become  all  of  painting?
                               to  the  moment  where  it  began,  to  the  actual  moment   In  going  back  to  this  point  of  origin  and  departure,
                               where  painting  started  changing its  definition,  its  civil   we  find  some  extraordinary  artists,  true  inventors:
                               state.  At  the  present  time  to  paint  means  painting  in   Kandinsky,  Delaunay,  Picabia  and  others  too.  And
                               the  abstract  style  and  one  can  scarcely  conceive  that   amongst  them,  Frank  Kupka.  Let  us  stop  at  this  one
                               painting  could  be  done  differently.  But  would  not  a   at the moment of his invention, at the  first stage of his
                               search  of  conscience  on  this  point  be  an  interesting   invention. At the moment where what for us has become
                               operation,  even  useful,  fruitful?  Would  it  not  be   style had been for him invention. This is to say what he
                               interesting,  useful,  fruitful  to  return  to  the  moment   has wanted to  do  and what he has done.  Such an  act

       Jad//ssement Ill  192 5
       43j X  35½ in.
       Galerie  Louis Carre,  Paris

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